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Hi all, I attended the Curry Info Session last night and it was very helpful. I thought I would highlight the info here for those that could not attend and are interested in Curry. Curry is... Read More

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    Yes, lab is for the whole semester. I guess in previous years lab was only half the semester and students said they didn't feel prepared enough for clinical. It meets for one and a half hours each week and the class is divided into two groups, so either 1p-2:30p or 2:30p-4p lab.

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    Thank you so much PennyS! Great info for someone like me who wasn't able to make the info session. I have also applied to Curry for a spring start. Anyone hear anything back? I guess it's a bit early. Anywho I would love to stay connected with all you spring 2013 applicants and hear the good news when we all get accepted Oh I wish! Aaaaanyways thanks for the time to play the waiting game!
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    so glad i found this website! i've been dying to connect with fellow applicants...the waiting is killing me! has anyone heard back from curry yet? any other programs? i only applied to curry (eek!) and now i'm freaking out about it.
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    I received an acceptance letter today!
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    congrats!! so exciting! do you know if you're going to accept? i haven't heard anything yet....hoping it's just a slow mailman. if you don't mind me asking, what's your background?
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    I'm definitely accepting. Curry is my top choice and I'm so excited that I got in! (I applied last year and did not get in.)

    I have B.S. in math, physics, and philosophy, 3.68 undergrad GPA, 4.0 prerequisite GPA. No health care experience.

    Hopefully you'll hear soon and we'll be classmates together. Good luck!
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    you must be so excited! i got my letter...waitlisted. oh well i'll try again next year! were you waitlisted last year?

    congrats again and good luck in january!
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    No, just rejected last year. I only had 2 out of the 6 prerequisites completed by April 1st so I'm sure that was a huge mark against me last year.

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