Common Meds seen in LTC facilities

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    I will be starting a new job in LTC. I want to familiarize myself with meds that are commonly used in this type of setting. Does anyone have any helpful tips.Thank you!
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    I know I am in Canada but common LTC drugs I see are

    risperidone (risperdal)
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    Thank you Silverdragon102..
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    There are hundreds of meds used in LTC. All sorts of antibiotcs, anticoagulants,anxiolytics, sedatives, antidepressants, antipsychotics. Get yourself a good app for your phone or make sure your facility has good reference books or a good EMAR system with built in references.
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    Thank you Capecodmermaid,Unfortunately my facility does not have anything on computers. I will definitely download an app.

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