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Hello, I was just wondering if there is anyone else on here that is currently waiting to get an acceptance letter to Bristol Community College's Nursing Program for Fall 2012?... Read More

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    As of right now BCC has a policy that says students can not bring electronics while they are on clinical time. I would not buy the drug guide or the nursing diagnosis handbook for the kindle because you typically bring these books with you. I am not sure if they allow electronics in the lab, but if they don't, I probably wouldn't buy the main textbooks for Kindle either. I'll find out about the lab for you.

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    thanks so much! i really appreciate it!
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    hey redpanda,

    i had a quick question. do we have to register for the nursing classes or are we automatically enrolled?
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    Hi guys, I was not able to get a straight answer about buying books for the kindle. They may address it at orientation. If they don't I would ask. As for registration, I believe they will have you quickly speak with an instructor to go over all of your pre reqs and the classes you have left to take. If everything checks out ok they have you sign a form and then they register you for Nur 101. Do any of you know what time orientation is going to be? I'm going to try and go.
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    its at 12:30..c111
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    I just checked out my transcript and it says Nursing as my major!!! I guess I got into the LPN - RN bridge program!! I wish I knew more about it, all I know is it's 3 weeks sometime this summer and then we start in the fall in the second year.
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    Can someone in the e health program tell me what the lecture and clinical schedule is like? I
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    Bekah- I am not in the ehealth program but from what I know, their have lecture online and listen to it at any point during the week. Whenever an exam is scheduled, they have to go to the NB campus for it. Their clinicals are I believe on friday and saturday evenings..or might be saturday mornings too..sorry I couldn't help more but I hope this helps you some.
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    If you are an LPN, you do not need to submit TEAS scores. Also, LPN deadline isn't until April, so unfortunately the wait is killing me too!
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    Is anyone waiting for the letter of acceptance for the fall 2013??

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