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Hello Fellow Applicants!! For now it's just a waiting game...... It's absolutely killing me! Good luck to everyone!! Let me know when you hear anything and I'll do the same. I did go into my BHCC Student Evaluation... Read More

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    Anyone receive a denial letter? I was told by a fellow BHCC nursing grad that acceptance letters are staggered throughout the week. So there's still hope. I have 29 credits with BHCC so hopefully that accounts for something along with good grades, and teas scores. The good thing is theres always Spring 13', so I won't have to wait a whole year to apply again. Congrats to all who got accepted, and better luck next time to the ones who didn't. Monday Alexyss!!

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    I love you, Girlfriend!
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    CONCRATULATIONS to all who have been accepted to the program and better luck next time to those who didn't. Don't give up.
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    CONGRATULATIONS to all who have been accepted to the program and better luck next time to those who didn't. Don't give up.
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    Congrats msolana...I told you -you were in! See nothing to worry about! I still don't know anything, my mail goes to my parents house and I haven't been there lately so! I'm assuming I will soon find out also. Congrats to everyone who got in and good luck to those who did not! I'll post with my results soon!
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    Anyone else one of the five waitlisted for Fall 2012? Any info would be great
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    Still have not gotten a letter.
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    I already got accepted in program I received mail on 29 April so I guess every one who is waitin should received their letter by this week... An also it's not only me I have learned there was another student too coz I mat her at register office while dropping my program acceptance letter... So congrates for those whom already got into program an for others wait pnly for 2 or 3 days. Chaw
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    hey ladies, just wanted to let you all know my letter arrived yesterday and I got into the evening program for the fall !

    good luck to everyone who has not heard yet!

    i'm considering going to another school at this point so there is definitely hope for those that are on the spot may open up, we'll see!
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    Does anybody know the cost of the nursing program at Bhcc?

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