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Hi, I was wondering if anyone is attending or has attended the Becker College nursing program? I have read threads in the past that say this is not a good nursing program. I am hoping someone who has direct experience could... Read More

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    Lillies - If the high tuition isn't a prohibitive factor, check out Anna Maria's program, in Paxton. My friend has been attending for the past two years and is very pleased with the entire experience. Good Luck !!

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    Hi everyone....I am in the last stretch of the the nursing program at Becker College and let me s a great nursing school. The program has really turned around in the past few years and they're most recent NCLEX pass rate for this past May graduating class was 100%. If I'm not mistaken, the pass rate for the December graduating class was 99%. They have hired new directors and course coordinators in the last three years who are incredible. if given the opportunity to change nursing schools, I would never switch to another school. Their nursing program is competitive to get into and it's a tough program to get through but well worth the work. I would recommend the Becker College Nursing School to anyone looking for a great program. The school also has an RN-BSN program for anyone looking to further their education after the ADN.

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