applying to Quincy College part time program for Jan 2013

  1. Hi,

    Is anyone else applying to this program? The application deadline is July 15. I am planning to apply - now trying to figure out how I can take the prerequisites in time!

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  3. by   Peaches28
    I am! I'm currently taking Chem and the A&P 1+2 tandem class, intense! Good luck!
  4. by   cally527
    I am planning to apply. I have to schedule my accuplacer test this week.
  5. by   umbdude
    I'm applying to the same cohort too! I'm taking Bio/Chem right now and will take A&P 1 in Summer Session 2. My biology class ends on 4/15 so after that, all my energy will go into Accuplacer.

    What are you using to prepare for accuplacer's reading and sentencing portions? I don't find any materials out there specifically for Accuplacer.
  6. by   cally527
    If you do not have to, I would not take AP during a summer session! It is a TON of information to squeeze into 5 weeks!

    As of right now I have just been taking practice tests.
  7. by   umbdude
    hi cally527-

    I agree that 5 weeks will be super intense. But I will go full time by then so it should be fine. I want to get AP1 out of the way so I can take AP2 in the fall. I also plan to apply to other places so having AP1 done will be a lot better.

    Where do you find accuplacer practice tests? I found some that aren't really official. I know there are apps for iphone/ipad but I don't have either one of those gadgets.
  8. by   cally527
    I have used a couple of different sites.

    Also I have an old textbook from my Freshman year english class that has sentence structure. I plan to review that before I take the test as well.
  9. by   umbdude
    Thanks Cally! Best of luck with your test!
  10. by   AuntieBrooke
    Hello all. I was planning on applying to this program originally, until I found out the deadline for the Fall FT program was still open... so I was accepted to start in Sept.
    I am an A and B student, never received a C in my whole college career, but I had a difficult time with the accuplacer, took it twice and still wasn't satisfied with my scores. I got a 86 in Reading Comp, 105 in Sentence Skills and 85 in Arithmetic--- my first time. That wasn't good enough to apply because of the Reading Comp. score, so I took it again... got a 96 in Reading Comp., and kept the same scores on my other categories because I was tight for time and wanted to improve the score holding me back, what I used the second time to go up 10 points in Reading Comp. was the Accuplacer app. on my iphone/ipod... it's 1.99 BUT SO WORTH IT! It sets up the problems and questions like it would on the actual test, worth it, check it out!!! Good luck!
  11. by   umbdude
    Just want to "revive" this thread. Anyone else applying to the 2013 pt program at QC? How's your preparation going?
  12. by   aj207
    I'm planning to apply. I'm glad to find other people who are interested in QC's RN program! I took the accuplacer twice, but I'm concerned with my scores - mostly my reading score. I know what the minimums are, but does anyone have a sense of what scores 'actually' get you accepted? I wish I knew someone who got in last January/what they got! I know I can take it one more time so I'm trying to decide if I should or not. Any input would be awesome & good luck to everyone!
  13. by   umbdude
    aj207- do a search on this site and you'll find a number of posts from previous years' applicants. Some of those are pretty telling.

    Couple months ago I talked to admission and the adviser told me I need 100+ to be competitive. I took the test this week and got 114 on reading, 119 on sentence and 120 on math. I was told to talk to a counselor, and she advised me to retake because it was my first try and I should attempt to raise my reading and sentence score.

    Did you talk to someone after you got your score? I think ultimately it depends on the applicant pool and it's hard to know exactly what score can get us in.
  14. by   aj207
    Yeah, I've been looking around on here. I'll probably take it again. I got a 106 on the reading, 117 on sentence, & 112 on math. You did really well! I did talk to an advisor & she kind of gave me the generic 'if you didn't get 120 across the board then it would be worth taking it again.' I think it's like you say - they don't have any idea who is going to apply & with what scores. I don't know why I had so much trouble with the reading, but I'm relatively happy with my other scores. The only thing is that I'm pretty sure they look at your reading score first, so that's not great for me. I think you'll be good to go with what you got though, that's awesome!
    Now it's just a matter of how do I study 'reading comp' haha! Are you applying anywhere else?

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