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Hi, Is anyone else applying to this program? The application deadline is July 15. I am planning to apply - now trying to figure out how I can take the prerequisites in time! Ryan... Read More

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    I'm planning to apply. I'm glad to find other people who are interested in QC's RN program! I took the accuplacer twice, but I'm concerned with my scores - mostly my reading score. I know what the minimums are, but does anyone have a sense of what scores 'actually' get you accepted? I wish I knew someone who got in last January/what they got! I know I can take it one more time so I'm trying to decide if I should or not. Any input would be awesome & good luck to everyone!

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    aj207- do a search on this site and you'll find a number of posts from previous years' applicants. Some of those are pretty telling.

    Couple months ago I talked to admission and the adviser told me I need 100+ to be competitive. I took the test this week and got 114 on reading, 119 on sentence and 120 on math. I was told to talk to a counselor, and she advised me to retake because it was my first try and I should attempt to raise my reading and sentence score.

    Did you talk to someone after you got your score? I think ultimately it depends on the applicant pool and it's hard to know exactly what score can get us in.
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    Yeah, I've been looking around on here. I'll probably take it again. I got a 106 on the reading, 117 on sentence, & 112 on math. You did really well! I did talk to an advisor & she kind of gave me the generic 'if you didn't get 120 across the board then it would be worth taking it again.' I think it's like you say - they don't have any idea who is going to apply & with what scores. I don't know why I had so much trouble with the reading, but I'm relatively happy with my other scores. The only thing is that I'm pretty sure they look at your reading score first, so that's not great for me. I think you'll be good to go with what you got though, that's awesome!
    Now it's just a matter of how do I study 'reading comp' haha! Are you applying anywhere else?
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    aj207- The reading part is tough. Also, there isn't much prep materials out there specifically for Accuplacer, which makes it harder. The good thing is that you can take your time if you're just doing the reading part.

    I also plan to apply to Roxbury and Bunker Hill. They both have a January program which is when I want to start, and they are close to where I live. But I hope I can get into QC because I don't want to spend time studying for TEAS.
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    You might not, but do know if I can just take the reading portion?
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    Quote from aj207
    You might not, but do know if I can just take the reading portion?
    Yes you can take just the reading portion and not the other two. I don't know whether they will still give you 3 hours if you're just taking the reading portion, but I think they probably would.
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    That's awesome if I could just take the reading portion. I'm pretty content with my other scores at this point. I'll have to check it out. Are you planning to take it again? Do you have all your pre-reqs done?
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    Yeah I will retake the reading portion since it can't hurt. I don't know if I can do better though.I'm finishing up chemistry this week and have bio. I'm taking A&P1 in the summer but that won't finish til august. Having bio is fine though.Are u done with pre reqs?
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    Yeah, I actually have a BS so a lot of the classes I had already taken (bio & chem). I just finished A&PI last week at QC - it was a really good class, you'll like it. I'm going to register to take A&PII in the fall. Even though it's not a pre-req I'm trying to knock as much out as possible so I can mostly focus on the nursing classes. I'm really hoping to get in, but if I don't I'll just apply for Jan 2014. They're changing the admissions process for next year so I might have a better shot if it doesn't work out this time around.
    You should be fine though. Your test scores are definitely competitive enough. Good for you for taking it again though, like you said, it can't hurt.
    The only thing I'm hoping is that they don't extend the deadline like they did for the full time program. I've had July 15th on my calendar for a while now!
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    Same here..I have a BS/MS (finance), but I took bio/chem a long time ago and the grades were bad so I have to retake them. My other general ed courses are fine and should be transferable. I also plan on knocking off all the non-nursing science courses (A&P 1&2, micro, growth & development etc.) before January. That way I have time to work part-time or more options to apply to other programs if I don't get into QC.

    I think you have a very good shot at getting in with your scores, and I hope you do! Do you know what changes will be made to 2014's admission? It's a good idea that they change because this "ranking system" doesn't make a lot of sense to me, and they probably lose out on some great candidates with this methodology.

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