applying to Quincy College part time program for Jan 2013

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    Is anyone else applying to this program? The application deadline is July 15. I am planning to apply - now trying to figure out how I can take the prerequisites in time!

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    I am! I'm currently taking Chem and the A&P 1+2 tandem class, intense! Good luck!
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    I am planning to apply. I have to schedule my accuplacer test this week.
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    I'm applying to the same cohort too! I'm taking Bio/Chem right now and will take A&P 1 in Summer Session 2. My biology class ends on 4/15 so after that, all my energy will go into Accuplacer.

    What are you using to prepare for accuplacer's reading and sentencing portions? I don't find any materials out there specifically for Accuplacer.
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    If you do not have to, I would not take AP during a summer session! It is a TON of information to squeeze into 5 weeks!

    As of right now I have just been taking practice tests.
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    hi cally527-

    I agree that 5 weeks will be super intense. But I will go full time by then so it should be fine. I want to get AP1 out of the way so I can take AP2 in the fall. I also plan to apply to other places so having AP1 done will be a lot better.

    Where do you find accuplacer practice tests? I found some that aren't really official. I know there are apps for iphone/ipad but I don't have either one of those gadgets.
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    I have used a couple of different sites.

    Also I have an old textbook from my Freshman year english class that has sentence structure. I plan to review that before I take the test as well.
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    Thanks Cally! Best of luck with your test!
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    Hello all. I was planning on applying to this program originally, until I found out the deadline for the Fall FT program was still open... so I was accepted to start in Sept.
    I am an A and B student, never received a C in my whole college career, but I had a difficult time with the accuplacer, took it twice and still wasn't satisfied with my scores. I got a 86 in Reading Comp, 105 in Sentence Skills and 85 in Arithmetic--- my first time. That wasn't good enough to apply because of the Reading Comp. score, so I took it again... got a 96 in Reading Comp., and kept the same scores on my other categories because I was tight for time and wanted to improve the score holding me back, what I used the second time to go up 10 points in Reading Comp. was the Accuplacer app. on my iphone/ipod... it's 1.99 BUT SO WORTH IT! It sets up the problems and questions like it would on the actual test, worth it, check it out!!! Good luck!
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    Just want to "revive" this thread. Anyone else applying to the 2013 pt program at QC? How's your preparation going?