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Hi Everyone, I am relocating to Boston MA and wanted to see if anyone from there is around on this board as I have a TONNE of nursing school questions! Thanks Emily... Read More

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    Thanks watersamy, that's very helpful.
    Seems like Boston is a lovely, friendly place to move to

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    I'm hoping to get some feedback from those of you that have been down this road. I have an existing bachelors in social services and I would like to study to become a Certified Nurse Midwife. We are, for the time being based in Boston, MA, and there are no direct entry MSN for CNM in MA- so it seems my options are either to:
    a) Do an accelerated BSN in Boston and then apply for a MSN 2 year degree out of state or do distance
    b) Apply directly to the 3 year direct entry MSN but have to leave MA

    I'm trying to weight the relative pros and cons of both- if I do the 3 year degree, it is the shortest route AND I am getting to where I want to be ultimately but there will the additional cost of moving etc and the fact that I won't automatically be licensed in MA...
    If I do the BSN route, it takes longer, but I can stay in MA for atleast one more year and maybe make some good connections locally? However I believe it's very tough to get into the 2 year CNM program anywhere, harder if you go via the RN route then the direct route...also seems there are not many jobs for fresh grads right now....

    Please share any thoughts you feeling all over the place

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