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    Quote from dgolden
    Thank you so much Jennifer!!! I got great news, and received my acceptance letter yesterday and am DEFINITELY attending! I am soo excited. I just have to take chem 2 this summer, but am taking it at a community college which is 5 min from my house, and incredibly helpful for my schedule. I recall in an earlier post, you noted that you had to take pre-reqs right before beginning. I was just curious what is considered an "acceptable" grade as I find chemistry challenging but always try my hardest!! Obviously I am going to do my best but I was just curious. Thanks in advance!
    Ahhhhh!!! So excited for you Congratulations!!!

    You've been accepted already so I believe you only technically have to make a C or better to remain accepted into the program. I think usually anywhere in the B range is more "acceptable", but again not necessary for pre-reqs.

    Congrats again!

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    Hi Jennifer0512,

    I am actually a health administration student at Regis that just realized that I am interested in the direct entry program. I have a meeting today to discuss the program-is it even possible to be accepted this late in the game?? All of my prerequs are complete, my undergrad was in Behav. Neuroscience.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi Chan5587,

    The class for next year is full right now. However, they may still be accepting people for their waitlist (not sure though) in which case you can get off of that all the way up through August! Just depends on what slots open up and what not.

    Good luck!!
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    I'm interested in applying to their RN-BS-MS program (pediatrics) for the spring semester. Is there anyone who can give me some information as to how tough it is? How many people did you lose after the first semester/year? I know they've had their problems with their BSN program in the past but haven't heard anything about their bridge or MSN program. Can someone share information please?
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    does anyone know anything about anna maria college and how their new bsn program is?
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    Hi Colleenk1,
    Did you ever find out any info about Anna Maria RN-BSN? I have applied. I should hear in 5 days. I am nervous because nobody seems to know anything about the program.

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