Anyone applying to any LPN program in MA? Anyone applying to any LPN program in MA? | allnurses

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Anyone applying to any LPN program in MA?

  1. 0 Hi to everybody !!!

    Last year, I applied at Assabet Valley LPN program but I could get in because I applied late and they had a waiting list, which i didnt know about it. So this year I'm trying to get it done asap with the applications and I decided to apply everywhere possible and cheaper , such like Assabet valley LPN, Greater Lowell LPN, Shwasheen LPN, NSCC LPN, Roxbury cc, anything LPN.... Is anyone applying just like in LPN programs ? Did anyone graduate from those programs? Please let me know which one are the best among those and which one has a waiting list, so let me not waisted my time...I did the TEAS V too and I fullfilled the assabet scores but now every school just required to take the test at their own site (that sucks 4 real)
    P.S: please I'm looking for a good website where i can find best stories or statement about the famous questions "why do you want to become a nurse", english isn't my first language so I need some good arguments in english because essays are timely administrate.
    thanks dear, keep in touch
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    I'm just waiting to take my Teas and then be interviewed. I live in Shrewsbury and there are waiting list everywhere! I found a program in Fitchburg at Monty Tech, its nights and only 10months for LPN (which im crossing my fingers i can get in) there is no waiting list there. It is also nice because they teamed up with fitchburg state and have a LPN to RN bridge program
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    Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for replying ! Yes, last year I applied late and just at one Lpn program but I've noticed they give priority to those who have those some prerequisites in college, so right now I'm doing A&P while being on Assabet Valley Tech waiting list and they asked me for a B or better in A&P, Nutrition, Human Growth & Development, Life span and much more...When on their website its stated no where that you need to have all these before get in ! Anyway, right now I'm working as CNA and I hope the experience will help during these 10 tough months..I'm applying also at Lowell Tech and Shwasheen, I live in Worcester and I'm willing to relocate if I have to !
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    Well im on the worcester line, near target on lincoln st. monty tech in fitchburg has no waiting list and doesnt require preregs just a teas passing score. i find out in june if im in for sure. Its not that far and its evenings which is great! have you looked into that, i thought of assabet because im in district but its a waiting list with day classes
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    Why do you have to wait till june to know if you are in for sure? All those tech programs state that teas and interview are the requirements but when many people apply they give priority to those who have college prereq' , thats how Assabet ended up having a waiting list. I'm applying everywhere asap because by february I want to know for sure where I'll be by August...I need to start studying and doing flashcards by June !!!
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    Thats how they work I guess. They let you know my June and classes start in August. Im trying to start taking as many classes as I can for the LPN to RN bridge program now. Many people ask why dont I just go for RN...well the waiting lists here in MA are ridiculous and I can not meet the requirements at this time, such as the highest teas score and stuff. Have you heard back from anyone yet about the programs you applied for?
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    I'm still mailing stuff like checks for my teas v, reference form to my employer, inquiring reference letters from professors, but for sure by dec 10th, i need to be done with all my interviews !
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    I wish you the best of luck!
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    Same to you !!!!
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    Hi, I am new here.....thinking of becoming an LPN. I am also in Massachusetts. I was a CNA but my certification expired. Do you mind my asking, where are you taking your A&P while you are waiting? You have probably finished by now (I am writing this spring of 2013). Do you go to a community college for that or something similar?
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    Rebecca i took A&P at the community college i was attending (quinsigammond) and now im going for my LPN in august (well, next month !!!) Im so excited !!!
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    Baypath Regional in Charlton has a full time evening LPN program. I graduated from there. The NCLEX passing rate is about 99%. Its a great program and really made me feel ready to take on being a nurse!