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Hi, I am an applicant for the fall 2013, is anyone else waiting to hear?... Read More

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    Nope, no audit yet for me, my last was 2/21. I did all my pre reqs at BCC with a+'s in my sciences... but I fear my prior degree gpa will hurt me, we will see! No other schools around here that I am aware of besides ccri, massasoit and brockton hospital.

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    My last audit was 3/12. No change either. I spoke with the director of Nursing and she gave me the breakdown on how they determine eligibility:
    They look at Eng101, Psy101, Bio233, Algebra & Chemistry.
    A+ =6pts
    A =5pts
    A- =4pts
    B+ =3pts
    B =2pts
    B- =1pt

    The best you can get is "30"pts.
    That is their first process of elimination, then GPA, then total pre-req completion.
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    oh cool ty beckntrev im gonna count mine from my transcript now lol did she say when they start reviewing? my fellow work study works in admissions n she said they havent even looked at em yet "/
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    did she say they only score THOSE classes or those are just the ones that weigh more then others? like should i score all my classes or just those ones?
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    omg i just counted n i have a 17/30.... thats horrible! im screwed =( im surprised they dont consider ALL sciences and maths or even eng 102. that stinks
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    I believe it is their first look, the 30pt. scale, then they account other grades as well
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    I just checked mine, I have a 21, but no recent degree audits...
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    I was told today. we should have our letters within a month!
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    I applied and I still have micro and psy252 to do. My gpa is 3.6, but my points are terrible! I think I just added up a total of 14 :-(. I took those courses so long ago and was not as good a student! Feel like I am most likely not going to get in this year. I would be Ok with next year, although that point system is going to remain the same.....
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    stay positive!!!!

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