Any New Grad Programs North of Boston, Boston, or South of Boston Location???

  1. Does anyone know of any new grad programs that are starting in December? I am dying here looking for work. Please don't say look on Indeed or any other sites because I applied, I called, I was told NO NEW GRADS. Serious answers only please. I have been out to many many facilities and NO one is hiring! ;( There has to be something out there!! Thanks in advance for your help!
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  3. by   watersamy
    try some of the state hospitals - Some of the hospitals use the RN II as their entry level and the clinical experiences under education will substitute for the one year of experience. I know someone who was hired at Tewksbury State Hospital into an RN II position right out of nursing school. Give them a try. Don't be discouraged if it looks like the posting has been up for a while because these hospitals have what they call "open" postings where they accept applications year-round.
  4. by   Chapo84
    Thank You WaterSamy, I just applied!!!
  5. by   Chapo84
    Thanx WaterSamy, Wish me luck!
  6. by   watersamy
    Good Luck! But don't just look for "new grad programs" lots of places will hire a new grad even though they don't have an actual new grad program. Be willing to take part time and per diem just to grab that experience.

    The Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Medford just posted a Labor/Delivery Recovery Post Partum Residency Program for New Grads

    Also try the New England Rehab Hospital

    The New England Rehab Hospital has tons of RN jobs available. After applying to any of these jobs I would also email the recruiter (I've pm'd you her name and email address) let her know that you've applied online, that you're a recent graduate and are very eager to learn and work for them and don't forget to attach a copy of your resume so that she'll have it handy to take a look at.
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  7. by   Chapo84
    So, I took a position at an assisted living facility to get some experience, wether its just getting familiar with medications, or getting familiar with medical paperwork. I now assisted living isn't the greatest nursing experience to start out at but this is getting INSANE. How am I suppose to pay my loans if NO ONE will hire new graduate RNs? I cannot leave Massachusetts, but I've applied everywhere! I figured since January graduates are out there would be more postings but NOTHING. I email most people just to put a Resume to a name and every single reply "No, sorry we do Not hire new grads-Good Luck" if anyone knows anything PLEASE help me!
  8. by   Chapo84
    Does anyone know any facilities that are hiring right now? I have been working at an Assisted Living facility for 4 months and am DYING to learn Skilled Nursing and it seems like no one is biting! It's getting very frustrating. Thanks in advance
  9. by   fullefect1
    Any interest in medical-pysch at a LTACH?
  10. by   CaptScrubs13
    I'm actually wondering about the same thing.. I have 6 months on a sub acute floor.. Not even sure that a new grad program would take me but I'm very interested in LTACH
  11. by   Chapo84
    Of Course I am interested!
  12. by   NeoPediRN
    Franciscan Hospital for Children in Brighton hires new grads almost exclusively
  13. by   CaptScrubs13
    Really? The openings I've seen for Franciscan all seem to say experience required
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  14. by   NeoPediRN
    Nope, all new grads that were hired. Some were CNAs previously but not all.