any ER tech in massachusetts??

  1. hi i currently have my CNA license and im really interested in working as an ER tech while applying to nursing school..i was wondering if there are any er tech in massachusetts??

    would i be able to work as an er tech with just my cna or would i have to go for extra training? im still in high school and i live in fall river mass

    i would like to know the requirement for becoming an er tech in mass
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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  4. by   NeoPediRN
    I was an ER tech before becoming a nurse. I just had my fundamentals course in nursing done but you can be one with your CNA certification. You usually have to be at least 18 though.
  5. by   aznbaby
    so in massachusetts i can be one with just my cna? do i need phleb or ekg?
  6. by   juliewoo
    Quote from aznbaby
    so in massachusetts i can be one with just my cna? do i need phleb or ekg?
    Depending on where you're hired, you may not need phlebotomy or EKG training before you start. I just got a job as a nursing assistant and the hospital where I was hired includes phlebotomy and EKG training as part of orientation.
  7. by   aznbaby
    oh so u got hired as a cna and they teach u phleb and ekg also? may i ask wat hospital it is?
  8. by   April, RN
    It seems as though most hospitals teach the techs in all units to do EKG and phlebotomy so they would teach you those things if you were working in the ED. If there are positions available, you are likely qualified. Check out the hospitals job postings online and see if they have any CNA/PCA/tech positions in the ER to apply to.
  9. by   2bARMARNCRNA
    Try looking at Morton Hospital. It may take a while to get in but they'll teach you the phleb and EKG during orientation. A CNA is typically the only prereq. along with some experience. You'll be drawing a lot of blood and working with EKG's all day if you get a job as a tech. It's not called ER TECH though, it's MA - Medical Assistant. ( only in the ER)...The nurse's and doctor's are great...always willing to teach those who are in Nursing school.
  10. by   aznbaby
    im a senior in high school right now and i just got my CNA thats why i was wondering if i can work as an ER tech, but i heard its so hard to work at a hospital without experience, plus im plannin gon going to nursing school also
  11. by   aznbaby
    thanks everyone ill look into it
  12. by   Susy1129
    I believe all you need is your cna. I know that southcoast hospital (charlton memorial or st.lukes hospital) will train you once you get hired.