Any been through the Monty Tech LPN program in MA..or will be in the fall?

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    Just curious to see who is out there...that has gone through or will be going through the program at Monty Tech. I start in the fall and can't wait!

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    Hi Missy,
    I am currrently in the MT program......I am sure you heard all from your interview.....Its a good program but I have to tell you its the most stressful thing any of us have done in our lives...You go through an entire book 2 quizzes and several exams and you move on ....we all call it dumping syndrome.......we have lost 9 students 3 1st semester 3 2nd , and 3 3rd....the one piece of advice I have to offer you is if you take a test and get less than an 80...figure out what you did wrong and fix it ....because it will run away and you may not be able to save and pay attention.....If you make this your priority you will succeed .....those who didnt are not with decide 10,000 is an awful lot of money to have to pay back for nothing to of luck to you...congrats for getting in....
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    Thank you so much for the response. Next year I will be working 35 hours a week at Mahar Regional School and also have a toddler. What is the average week of school like? As far as amount of reading, traveling and tests/quizzes?
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    Hi Missy,
    I must tell you that only a handful of students work 30hrs or more....maybe 7 and the rest either 15-20 or do not work at all....Honestly the program is intense.....depending again on your coping starts off slow...then BAM your stressed out....workload is heavy...1st term I came home and was up every night until 1-2am....
    I too have a toddler and this was hard enough for her to deal with so I had to do the best I could with as little pain to her as possible.....I do have to say I gave 60% of myself and pretty much maintained an A status throughout.....until now I am burnt out and cant wait to be done ....and my last 2 quizzes I have failed...I am freaking out.....not used to that and dont know why....Its also maternity and I hate maybe thats it.....2nd semester cake (for me) found my goove sailed through....then 3rd semester...a little shaky to start my first 80 .....because the testing format changed..I adjusted and everything is last semester I feel confident and now have my 2 lowest grades of the year....I want to cry..... but there is hope....last maternity exam is next Monday and we move on.....lots of papers to write...
    I can still save myself....Hopefully you will have a good class willing to help each other ......youll need to support each is to Worc, athol, clinton, fitchburg, Gardner...unless they change things up for 2010
    Hope this helps you a little .....Good Luck....
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    My only worry about next year is the lack of time I will have to spend with my son. At least working in the high school I will have all the vacations to spend with him.

    The travel isn't as bad as I was expecting. I live in Athol so that makes me happy. The only travel I think I will not like doing is going to Clinton.

    Thanks for the goodluck. I am pretty sure I will be fine academically. Goodluck to you! You are almost done!!!
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    Hi Misty,

    Just read your 09 note, You, must now be just about done. I have passed the test and am awaiting my interview for Aug 10 class. is the program, any wise words you want to share?

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    congratulations at passing the exam and getting an interview! it is a very good program. very intense though! the class pretty much becomes your family. i work full time,have a two year old and do the program. the first term was a breeze.second term 3 people left the program (2 for grades, 1 for personal reasons). third term we made it through without losing anyone. now we are down to 9 weeks and starting to get things going for graduation.

    my advice is that you accept the spot in the program be ready to dedicate the next year of your life to the program. you will have a lot of reading, memorizing, traveling and such to do. start asking your family for help and support now. i wouldn't have been able to be successful in this program if my family wasn't helping me out. i havent done any laundry since i've started the program.
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    Thanks for the update. Sounds like you have it all under control with great help from your family. 9 wks to go....your gonna make! Any idea of what you want to go into when done?

    Any thoughts you can share on the interview process and about how long it takes to hear from them after the interview.

    Thanks for any info you can share.
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    The interview if I remember right was very basic and simple. You should find out within a week of your interview if I remember right. And if you got the interview that pretty much means they want you.
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    I already got my acceptance letter for the fall, im really excited!~! But im also really nervous!! any suggestions for what kind of stuff i will need for the program I've never taken college classes. Please Help!!!

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