Where to buy scrubs?

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    I am looking for a place to buy cheap scrubs. I need a white top and white bottoms. Does anyone know where i can get cheap scrubs here in Maryland?

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    Have you looked at the ones Wal-Mart sells? I think they are reasonably priced. My college requires white pants - many students purchased extra scrub pants from Wal-Mart and they seem to hold up. I'm not sure if they sell white shirts, but it's probably worth looking into!
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    I recommend buying scrubs from Wal Mart as well. I bought my white scrub tops there. I think they were around $12 and so far they have washed really well. You may want to consider buying online since the sizing in stores can be limited.
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    Thanks u guys. :smackingfI totally forgot about walmart. I went to Life Uniform in White Marsh mall and bought the top and bottom for about $35. The top was like $16 or something like that. I will definitely check into Walmart though. That is such a great idea that totally slipped my mind.
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    target also has them!
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    I didn't even know that Target sold them. Which one and where in the store? I'm just get my next pair there or Walmart especially if they are going to be under $35 a pair.
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    Quote from thenameismac
    I didn't even know that Target sold them.
    i found them online. I am not sure if/which stores have them. They also have the lab coats as well.
    I am prob. going to get them from a site like "allheart.com" as i am looking for pants that are in petite lenght so my bottoms are not dragging on the floor behind me!
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    Lol. I have long legs so it's hard finding pants that don't come above my ankle. I will check out all of the places mentioned above when I get some money and need a new pair. Thanks for all of the input guys!!!
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    Gallo is a good place, I know of a store in the Glen Burnie area if you are around there.
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    Ptbunny- That sounds familiar but I don't know where that is in Glen Burnie. I'm there all the time but I can't think of where that is.

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