Where to buy nursing shoes and uniforms

  1. 0 Where in Maryland (or Washington DC suburbs) is the largest nursing supply store? I have already ordered my scrubs for school but need shoes - hate to buy online because I am very picky how my shoes fit. Any help would be great!

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    check uniform city for decent priced nursing school shoes. what area are you in?
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    I've been looking for them online, but I too would like to try them on. The only nursing store I've been to is Scrubs and Beyond. I might go try some on and then search for them online since I'm sure I could find them for less.
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    Scrubs and beyond in Arundel Mills is pricey for no good reason. You can go to Lynn Uniform in New Carrollton MD or there is another uniform store at the boulevard in largo, right off of 95. They carry all the same stuff scrubs and beyond does but for half the price.
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    the one in the boulevard is called Scrub Pro & omg they have everything! Plus they are dirt cheap Go there!! Lynn is okay too, but Scrub Pro has a better selection imo
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    I go to Linn's (aka Uniform City) on Veirs Mill Rd like two other people mentioned. There is also one on Georgia Ave in the downton Silver SPring area on your right hand side (going in towards DC) as well, but I haven't gone in there to know what their shoes selection is like... Linn's has a good number to chose from though. IMO, I wear the Crocs with no holes, and they are the most comfortable ever... you don't need pricey "nurse brand" shoes at all.... some of the students in my class regretted paying double for the nurse shoes when they could have just gotten Crocs.
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    Hi, everyone...

    I'm new to the boards and will be starting a CNA class at the end of the month.

    As for shoes, I've had my eye on Skechers work shoes. They are available in black or white. Crocs seem to be good to, but they aren't really for me. Both have outlet stores at Arundel Mills.

    I hope that helps!

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