University of Maryland Shady Grove Campus - Fall 2013

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    Hello Everyone,

    Thought I'd start I thread for anyone out there who has also applied for The University of Maryland School of Nursing @ the Shady Grove Campus for Fall 2013. I've read through numerous old "All Nurses" threads of students waiting to see if they've been accepted or not, but haven't seen a thread yet for Fall 2013.

    I spoke with the Office of Admissions about a week ago and was told I should be hearing back either late March / early April, but I requested early consideration for acceptance due to my military status and program. So at a minimum it'll be another month before I hear if I got in or not.

    So I know there are others out there also playing the waiting game. Waiting (and hoping) they get accepted. Please feel free to chime in and share your thoughts, concerns, ect....


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    I am waiting to hear back, but from the Baltimore location! I am nervous. I applied to other BSN programs in MD but UMSON is by far the best. Good luck!
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    Im applying to the Baltimore campus next spring. Good luck guys!
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    I applied to the PMHNP for Fall 2013 and asked for the military early decision and still have not heard for the Baltimore Campus. Status did change to Committee Ready yesterday..
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    I'm applied to shady grove! Good luck everyone!
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    I applied to Shady Grove as well. And now it's APRIL!! We'll find out this month. Good luck everybody!
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    Hello Everyone,
    So just wanted to follow up on my initial post. After a long work week, I came home to find a letter from U of MD in the mail, an acceptance letter that is. So I'll be starting @ the Shady Grove campus Fall 2013. Have you guys been notified as well?

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    Hi Norcal21438,

    Congratulations to you! I was called on Wednesday with my acceptance and got my letter in the mail today. Have you joined the Facebook group?
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    I found out I got into Shady Grove on Thursday!

    Anyone still have outstanding courses? Anyone need to take summer classes? I'm nervous about finishing up these last prereqs.
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    MusictoMedicine, Congratulations to you as well. I haven't joined the Facebook group yet, but I'd like to. What exactly is the name of the group?-Ryan
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