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Hello Everyone, Thought I'd start I thread for anyone out there who has also applied for The University of Maryland School of Nursing @ the Shady Grove Campus for Fall 2013. I've read through... Read More

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    Hi sandi1743 can you tell me a little bit about the program? Pro and con and also did you NEED a car?
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    Hi! I just graduated from Shady Grove. To answer your question - it is really, really difficult to complete the program without a car. Our classes were on the Shady Grove campus, and our clinicals ranged from Shady Grove Adventist to Suburban to Holy Cross to UMMC to Sheppard Pratt to Children's. As of now, the only two options for pediatric clinical are UMMC and Children's. That being said, you could try and schedule your clinicals to get sites you could access with public transportation - everyone registers at the same time though, and there is absolutely no guarantee you will get what you want. I would strongly, strongly recommend having a car. Hope that helps!
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    Tangiabballa15, I tried to reply to your PM but it says your inbox is full.

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