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Hello! Are there any people out there who have had their interview with UMD CNL Program and waiting to hear about acceptance? I had my interview last Thursday and I am now in the hardest part of... Read More

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    I called today and the lady said to expect to hear something in the next week or two. The anticipation is killing me.....
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    oh gosh, me too! Well maybe we will hear something this week.
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    I had my interview for the CNL on October 11 and the dates that were available ended on the 18th...I have no idea when they are sending out acceptance/denial letters but hopefully soon!
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    I just wondering that anyone hears the update news for decision? On last friday, I called the office, and they said that they will send the letter or email by 5th on next monday. I am so nervous to wait it!!!
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    Still waiting to hear back from CNL as well. I've already been accepted to Georgetown's ABSN program, as well as their WHC scholarship, which pays 80% of Gtowns tuition with a commitment to work at WHC for 3 years (were will will get a salary). Does anyone here have any thoughts on the ABSN versus CNL route? Does UMSON have any comparable scholarships to the one at Georgetown?Eventually I'd like to do some international travel (or move to Australia!) with my nursing degree, and become an NP down the road. Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
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    Has anybody been called yet? I am also expecting to hear back.
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    Still no call either...hopefully some time this week!
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    Can anyone share any information on acceptance for the CNL program for Spring 2013? The wait is exhausting.

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    I am still waiting too. Its driving me crazy! When I interviewed in early October I was told we should hear by the end of the month. I called the admissions office on Tuesday and spoke to someone who said they "didn't think decisions had be sent out" but she transferred me to someone else who would know for sure. There was no answer so I left a message and haven't heard back....
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    I just checked my SIMS account---Admit Institution--hurray!!!!!!!!! Good luck to all of you!
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    Me too!!!! I'm so excited!!! Good luck to everyone and can't wait to meet you all next spring!!
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    congratulation to Maogany and jmh21!!! Mine is still committee ready.. Hope we can see next spring!!
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    Thanks, bori5017, and hang in there. They are still very early in the process. Your sweet news is coming.