University of Maryland Traditional BSN Fall Program: Any idea when we will hear back?

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    I was wondering if there was anyone out there that applied last fall that could tell us when they learned the fate of their application? I was just wondering how long we (Fall 2009 applicants) would have to wait until we hear back from the admissions office. Thanks and good luck to everyone else!

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    I was just wondering that myself????

    I just have to take the NET EXAM and I'll be done with the application process and the anxiety begins..i check my status everyday, knowing that nothing changed:chuckle. Theyll probably start in Late March. GOOD LUCK TO ALLL OF USS!!!!
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    hey everyone. i applied for the traditional bsn for fall 09 also. i have a couple of questions bc ive applied to 4 schools and only got into one. got rejected from JHUSON accelerated 09. and a local accelerated prgrm (louisiana). and got into a local ADN prgrm (charity new orleans). i am first of all DYING to return to my native state of md where all my family is and need to get into a school to legitimately do so.

    and i keep hearing diff things about umd.

    a) is it honors only? my gpa is 3.074 overall and 3.5 science.

    b) do you HAVE to take the NET before the feb 1 deadline? or is within 2 wks ok

    c) do the 2 recomm HAVE to be academic.

    d) seriously? we wont know until end of march? arg! more nailbiting.

    thanks for listening.
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    No, UMSON is not an "honors only" school, but generally you need a very competitive GPA to get in. Frankly, 3.074 seems low, although the 3.5 in sciences meets their requirements. There is no firm cut off on GPAs because they accept the best from the applicant pool for eachintake, so the avg GPA varies a little from year to year. They do look at other stuff, but GPA is a big factor.

    Honestly, with all these applications to NS being so competitive these days the best policy is that if they ask for something you can probably assume that they want what they ask for! So, yes, the recommendations have to be academic and yes, the NET has to be taken within the timeframe they ask. They are not going to be bothered to chase down requirements that you have not completed when they have 400-500 +/- applicants for 150 +/- slots.
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    The other day I got a postcard telling me that my application was complete. Then a few days letter I got a thin letter. I thought to myself "I guess I didn't get in. Im sure ill get into the other programs I applied to." I opened it up and it was another letter that my application was complete.
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    While its not something I particularly like to brag about, I keep looking at places where the GPA question is asked and feel it needs to be said.

    Yes GPA is obviously a really important part of nursing school. At UMB if you're below a 3.0 they're not going to consider you at all. But honestly, my GPA was a 3.1 cumulative (that's counting all my classes since I started college and I'll admit I've made some mistakes in my freshman year) when I applied and I'm a student there right now. Not only that but I also know I beat out several students with GPAs higher than mine. Yes it can be done!

    Not fair you say? How do you do it?

    Well I made a drastic improvement from my freshman year, that helped. I have a degree from community college with a 3.8 GPA that was nearly all of my nursing credits and they like it that I got my act together. And I've also worked as a physical therapy tech for 2 years and have my EMT-B license. But regardless, if you're afraid of a number you should pick the school you want to go to and try and make everything else as good as possible. Volunteer, get experience in the health care field. Write a good essay! My heart goes out to people with the question "is my GPA high enough?" because honestly if you have the desire to become a nurse you'll find the motivation to get everything else you need to get into the school, 3.1's be damned.

    I apologize if I was going off topic but I know prenursing students circle this site alot so I think its a valid point.
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    Hey Blueorchild,

    Thanks alot for that message. it gives us 3.5 and below some hope that we can do just as well at the 4.0'ers. Just curious, did ur acceptance letter come in a small envelope or big envelope? lol... I know silly question.
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    I believe my letter was small- I know the old superstition everyone has about big letters good and small ones bad. But even before that I was checking my online status on the SURFS site every day and that's where I got the notification first. The letter came later
  11. 0 checking my online status like every 5 mins hahaha. I may bring their system down.
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    Good luck you all! I am in my first semester there, and its no joke! To giv you a rough idea, the application deadline for Spring was July 1st and we all heard by mid-end of October. So give it like 5-6 weeks post-deadline.

    Do good on your NET and make sure you write a unforgettable essay!
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