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  1. by   guest10
    All I know is that the office is pleased with its progress in processing and reviewing all spring applicants. That being said, anything can happen to throw a monkey wrench into the process. They are hoping, hoping, mind you, that they will be able to start making offers the first or second week of November. Hang in there! I really can't wait to start calling the new Shady Grove students. Oh, the plan is to try to call everyone but if your phone number is not in the system that won't happen and you will have to wait for a letter. You might want to check on that and correct it in the application system.
  2. by   mj610
    Hi, everyone. I applied for Spring 2013 too! I am waiting for their decision, and it makes me crazy.......................I am checking my application status everyday! I read the past threats for Spring 2012, and they got the notice on November 3. About three more weeks.... I can't wait!!!! I know there is a little chance that I can get into the program (because of my low TEAS score), but .. I just want to know asap! I am sure that everybody is waiting for the good news from UMB..Good luck everyone!!
  3. by   Blacksapphire 18

    What's considered a low Teas score? What is the minimum score UMB would accept? I didn't think I did all that well and it was my second attempt. I studied for 6 months after my first attempt and only score 6.3% more on my second attempt. Fingers crossed that I get accepted to any school. At this point I'm not picky. I wish everyone luck!
  4. by   AmesRT6510
    Blacksapphire, where else are you applying? I didn't get a great score either but am not sure what UMB accepts. Have u ever heard anything about washington adventist?
  5. by   Blacksapphire 18

    I applied to Howard University, Towson, UMB, and AACC. I really want a BSN so AACC is my last choice, but I will settle. I just didn't find the Teas test to be easy at all, even after studying for several months. Maybe my nerves and that timer made me anxious. I've never heard of Washington Adventist did you apply?
  6. by   amc074
    From reading some of the other threads it seems like anything less than a 70 can hurt your chances and anything above is better but doesn't necessarily help your chances. The Teas was hard! I walked out of mine feeling like I didn't do that well and just ended up getting incredibly lucky.
  7. by   Blacksapphire 18
    Ok, that gives me some understanding. Thanks!
  8. by   mj610
    When I attended the open house/ information session in March, the presenter said most of the applicants have average 80s or 90s of TEAS score. (I believe she just overstated the fact to show how their program is competitive, so please don't panic)
    Comparing to what she said, my score is lower. I'm sorry if I made you confused.
    anyways, amc074's comment makes me feel relieved. I hope the score doesn't affect much on my chance of being accepted.
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  9. by   taf1
    Does anyone know when decisions for the CNL program will be going out for Spring 2013? I applied, but haven't heard anything back yet
  10. by   amc074
    Did they say most applicants have those scores or most accepted applicants? I would honestly be pretty surprised if most of the people who apply have scores reaching into the 90s. For the people that are worried about their scores I've heard of successful applicants who got scores in the mid 70s, even with gpas around 3.5. Who really knows what this competition pool looks like though.
  11. by   AmesRT6510
    taf1 - this is a thread for the BSN program. we are supposed to hear back the first week or two of nov so yours will be near or after that I would guess. Good luck
  12. by   AmesRT6510
    Grey Lady, Do you know how many applicants there were this year for the BSN?
  13. by   AmesRT6510
    Sorry Grey Lady, another quick question. If you receive a C in any of the pre-reqs is that automatic denial for admission? Thanks for answering all these questions!

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