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Am I in the wrong place?? I would think that there would be a lot of chatter with the deadline being tomorrow! I am sure there are oodles applying. Now...where is everyone?!... Read More

  1. by   mir1220
    Congrats! Mine still doesn't say anything...oh god.
  2. by   GordonIsSoCool
    Quote from dccubano
    give it some time. they may just be entering them into the system right now. if you were rejected it would say so.
    based on last year, if you got wait listed, your status would remain "
    committee ready"
  3. by   celinaconejo
    anyone else updated?
  4. by   nabarri
    Just checked mine.........I'M IN!!!!!
  5. by   mmill271
    Hey guys, I heard back and my status changed to provisional admit. I applied to the baltimore campus though so everyone else hang in there, they might not have posted for Shady Grove students yet! Good Luck!!
  6. by   chrabi417
    Quote from dccubano
    Alright peeps, go check your status. My status just changed to decision made. I'm in.
    Good luck, folks!
    Congratulations on your acceptance!!
  7. by   Jamie87
    I have not posted before but I also applied and have been keeping up with news through everyone on this board. It is probably the only thing that has kept me from completely breaking down in a nervous wreck! And I just checked and I did get in! I hope everyone here finds out soon. Good luck to all of you!
    p.s. I also applied to Baltimore if that matters!
  8. by   ldrenkow
    I applied to the Shady Grove campus. Has anyone heard back yet if they got into SG? I'm freaking out now that people are FINALLY hearing back!
  9. by   callybacon
    I applied to Shady Grove and my status hasn't changed yet...
  10. by   celinaconejo
    Nope I applied to sg too and have yet to hear back... Ah it's a relief to know I am not the only sg applicant waiting. There's still hope
  11. by   GordonIsSoCool
    Admission Term: Fall 2012
    Admission Type: Traditional BSN Student
    Application Status: Decision Made
    Decision: Admit-Institution

  12. by   wkumodzi
    Good Luck to all still waiting for an update.. I got in!
  13. by   guest10
    Applicant statuses are being changed today and in no particular order. I see admits and rejections on both campuses and do not see any pattern, even an alphabetical one. They seem to be doing all categories at the same time. I know that the plan is to change all the statuses first and then start calling students. So, if your status has not changed yet you cannot read ANYthing into that. It looks to me as if they are almost through half of the applicants.

    So, today is the day! Best of luck to all of you!

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