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Has anyone else applied?...what were your TEASE scores?... Read More

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    I have in the Tue/Thu class from 11:00-12:15; Professor Karen Israel.

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    yea we are in the same class!!
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    so what do you think of the class thus far? who do you have for CHE111?
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    it's been pretty easy for me so far. i have a foreign teacher for che 115 but she is really good though
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    Yeah...its been easy for me as well...kind of boring if truth be told.
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    Hi everyone!!

    I applies for spring 2011 bsn program and have been pretty much stalking the sims website!! Does anyone have an idea of when we'll know a decision? I've been reading other posts on here, and it seems like the time period between the deadline and when people have found out is from a few weeks to over two months!! Ah! I am so anxious to know!
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    A friend of mine, who has also applied for Spring 2011 admission, was told that a decision could be expected around the middle of October. That seems a bit premature to me given the volume of applications that need to be screened and evaluated.
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    I've been looking at previous posts, (a little obsessively lol) from past semesters. And the deadline for Fall 2010 was Feb 1. Those applicants starting to hear back around the middle/end of I guess its possible that we could hear by middle of October!! I sure hope so...thats only 2 more weeks!
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    Hi everyone!

    I applied for the Spring 2011 BSN program too. I am taking my last prereq (Microbiology) at AACC. I went through some of the older forums and the students for Spring 2010 didn't find out until early November. I really hope we dont have to wait that long!
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    Realized I didnt answer the first question. I got an 87 on the TEAS. I only applied to UMD, so I really hope I get in!

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