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    Hello all. I'm currently finishing up my prereqs. I'm applying to UMaryland in the fall. UMD is definately my first choice because I am looking for a second bachelors program and an affordable school. I noticed a couple of you are going there or are alumni. I know its competitive to get in, but I'm just curious as to how competitive. My GPA is a 4.0 so far for my prereqs. and I did well with my first bachelors (3.38). I'm just worried about waiting lists and such. So I guess my question is...what are there standards? What are they looking for overall? I went to an information session and they gave me the min. GPA requirements. I just wanted to get some info. from anyone who has been through the application process with them.

    Good luck to everyone who is getting ready to begin their nursing programs!
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    I did my pre-reqs at CCBC Catonsville!

    I just started at UMB last week. My undergrad GPA was 3.3 and I had a 4.0 for my 4 pre-reqs, as well.

    A friend of mine got in last fall with an undergrad GPA of 2.8. But since then they have had a whole slew of applicants. I was just speaking with my advisor on Friday, and she said typically at this time of year they would have about 30 applications for the spring, but this year they have over 300. As a consequence they have really had to raise the bar.

    Another friend of mine got in for the spring, also with a 4.0 in her pre-reqs, but I think she had a 2.9 or 3.0 from her 1st degree.

    I had excellent references and also volunteered at a hospital last fall. I asked one of the nurses there to write a recommendation for me, as well.

    I would think that with your GPA you would have no problem. You may want to schedule a time to meet with someone in the admissions office and bring your transcripts. They may be able to assess your chances. I did that for Hopkins.
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    Thanks so much for the info! It's so helpful to get info from someone who has been through the same process. I have a co-worker that has been going there for about a year now, but she is in the traditional program and I'm going to try for the accelerated option as well. I have it worked out so that I don't have to work starting next fall. Are you planning on working at all? I hear there are several possible scholarships and grants available, but some of them aren't for second degree students. Do you know any people who actually received some kind of grant? I'm just curious to see if there are as many grants available as all of the schools say. Sorry for all of the questions I just want to stay realistic so that I can anticipate whether or not I will need more student loans (yick). Keep me posted on how it goes. I know it is a rigorous program, but I really enjoyed the school visit and thought the facilities were amazing.

    Thanks again!
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    I didn't receive any grants, nor have I heard of anyone who did. Well, that's not entirely true. I did receive one state delegate grant, but it wasn't for very much.

    I'm not working at all during the 16 months, if I can help it. So far I've taken out the maximum amt. of Federal loans for undergrad ($10,500/two semesters). I've applied for additional aid, but they think I made enough money to contribute $10,000 of my own money for the first year. hah! I may look into bank loans (ack).

    Just recently I submitted a form stating that the amt. of money I made this year will not be equal to the amt. I made last year, but I'm not too optimistic this will help. The state has no money to give to students, and the school doesn't have enough for everyone.

    The school itself seems great. The labs are apparently the best in the world--people come from all over to see them. The library is beautiful and huge. The profs seems great and I'm so happy to be there.
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    mel, you said you brought in your transcripts to hopkins. what was that like? did they tell you right then and there your chances of being accepted? what other kind of information did they give?

    right now UMD is my first choice - but i don't know how I measure up compared to most other students. Do you know if UMD has a similar pre-admissions counseling opportunity?

    I would love to get the chance to speak to someone about my transcript, since I started off college horribly but did very well the last two and a half years, and am doing really well in all my pre-reqs now. I have no doubt in my ability to excel in nursing school but I'm afraid they'll take one look at my GPA and assume I'm a poor student- which used to be the case, but is not at all anymore.
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    Actually I went to a UMD info session and the way they figure out your entrance GPA is from the last classes taken. So they take the ones from your senior year and fill them in going backwards. If you did better towards the end of your studies, this method would benefit you. I wouldn't give up on it...definately go talk to someone there, you might be surprised by the info you get.

    Good luck
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    woohoo! thanks!!!
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    Bigmona- I had less luck with people at UMD. They seem less inclined to get back to you. I went to an info session and brought my transcript and waited in a long line to speak to someone from the admissions office. They told me my chances were good.

    At hopkins they did the same thing, but one-on-one. I had a rough semester or two with my first degree (didn't go to class at all, basically), but then got my act together and ended up with a 3.3. I had a 4.0 with my pre-reqs (just A&P I and II, Nutrtion, and Human Growth and Dev.). Since I had an upward curve, both schools liked that. I was waitlisted at Hopkins, but they did say I could do the regular 2-year program, or wait until the following year for the accelerated program.

    Things are becoming a bit more difficult to get in, I think. Due to the increased # of applicants. My advisor said they received 10X the number of applicants for the spring semester than normal. So over 300 rather than around 30.
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    so if anyone happens to read this who goes to UMD, how long did it take for them to let you know of their decision?

    I'm mailing my application in tomorrow for fall 2004! *nervous*
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    I thought it was by March that you would hear something, but they may have changed it. Kepp us posted! I'll be applying for the Spring of 05 so I'll send my application as soon as I finish my classes this semester.

    Good luck!

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