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Towson University Sp 2013 BSN

  1. 0 I am applying to Towson's nursing program for spring 2013 and am SUPER nervous. I have a 3.71 GPA but my advisor told me that may not be good enough :/. My parents told me I should apply to UMB @ shady grove as a back up but I don't want to transfer because I LOVE Towson University and can't afford UMB tuition. Has anyone here been accepted into TU nursing? If so how do you think my chances are? Should I apply to back-ups? Thanks!
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    UMD is only $3,648.50 per semester. The difference between Towson and UMD is quite small, if you have to, you can get a student loan to cover that amount.

    I'm applying to UMD but I am considering applying to Towson as a back-up.
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    When I priced it I found UMB nursing was considerably more expensive than TU, especially considering the cost of living downtown.... I can finish my BSN at TU without any loans so why would I take out a loan for the same degree? Besides I love Towson and already transferred. UMB is really not for me, but I would consider it as a last option if everything else failed.

    Good luck applying though! Hopefully more people apply to UMB than TU so I have a better chance of getting in...
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    It wouldn't hurt to apply to UMD though, especially as a backup. I was thinking that your parents possibly live in Montgomery county which is why they recommended Shady grove? Considering Baltimore is a lot cheaper than Montgomery County, it is the only reason I'd see someone recommend it.

    I'm glad to hear that you like Towson though, I only recently heard about it and know nothing about it.
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    My parents live in Carroll County so I really couldn't commute easily to either UMB campus. So rent is a major financial consideration for me. My parents recommended UMB @ shady grove because they had heard it was a much easier acceptance. Do you know if this is true? Which UMB campus are you applying to?

    I agree UMB may be a good back up option and I don't mean to bash the program because I know its a good one. However, I feel like I will be paying more, have less sense of campus community (both commuter schools), another transcript, and living in a more dangerous area.

    And yes, I LOVE Towson University. Its affordable, the nursing program is very competitive and well respected, the nursing grads get hired upon graduation, great location, great community, great teachers...I could go on and on.
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    Actually, from what I've heard, Shady grove is tougher than the Baltimore campus due to the fact that fewer students are admitted. If you wanted your best chances and cheaper cost of living, I'd apply to the Baltimore campus. I live in Montgomery county though so will be applying to Shady grove.
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    If you really like Towson and want to stay a student there, consider applying at the Hagerstown campus. It isn't as competitive because not as many students apply for the off campus program. Good luck!
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    Karfasa, did u apply to the Hagerstown or TU campus? Did you apply to backups? I have considered the Hagerstown Campus because I've also heard the classes are smaller but I like the Towson Campus and all my friends go there...sounds shallow; I know.
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    Okay, the anticipation has begun!! Does anyone know when will be hearing back from Towson regarding our applications?
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    They sent me an email that said we will know by the end of I'll have either a really good or really bad halloween!
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    Thanks TUhopeful!! I hope we all receive great news and have an awesome Halloween.
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    Do you know if they are sending every applicant an email? I haven't received anything, but they did call to tell me they would let me know if I needed to submit anything else.
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    They called you once they received your application?