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The deadline is approaching! I noticed there wasn't a thread for this so I thought I'd start one. Is anyone else out there applying to Salisbury for the Accelerated BSN program?... Read More

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    Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

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    Hi all, cbrubaker and oye757928, if you don't mind me asking, did both of you finish all your prerequisites other than Patho? I'm figuring out my plan b but still being a tiny bit hopeful. I figured my app. would be a bit weak since I am currently taking 2 of the prereqs and still have Patho to take too. I am working on straight A's in the prereqs, and so far so good, but I figured that since I don't have grades to report for Chem and A&P 2 yet (that's what I'm taking now), my chances for acceptance might be slim. Also, did you complete 1 or 2 semesters of Chem? Thanks for any feedback. I'm anticipating going through the application process again next year, and this time, I want to be sure I've got what it takes to get in! And happy belated Valentine's Day back at you, cmullen87!
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    I am pretty sure just four credits of Chem or Physics were required.
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    coherrman, I took Physics(4crdts)....its an either/or thing for the Physics & Chem...U might still get in since u av straight As...I just got accepted to a school in PA & i'd still av 2 classes to complete if i av to go there.....i'd rather go to Salisbury though(in-state tuition) + it has been my first choice for the longest time....Good luck!!!
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    I don't think having pre-reqs not yet completed makes your application weak. I'm probably biased, because I am also still working on mine, but I think our transcripts and essay are much more important than completing 100% of the pre-reqs by now. I am in contact another student who has applied to the program, who I am sure is a shoe-in for acceptance based on her credentials (master's degree from SU, experienced in hospital setting, recommendations from health care professionals, etc.). She did not receive a phone call, which made me feel much better. Just passing it on, hoping it will make you feel better too.
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    Yea I can't imagine an applicant with those credentials not being accepted. Very cool! Gosh I'm really hoping to hear back soon. I'm in a mad scramble trying to get apps together for Rochester and NYU by March 1st just in case I am not accepted to SUs program. I have a gut feeling that at least a few applicants will hear something back by the end of the month. Im starting to get a little bit obsessive about checking the mail and this board haha. Have a great day everybody!
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    Since I read about the telephone calls, I have also been obsessive about checking this board.

    What are your backgrounds? I'm just wondering about the mix of people who are attracted to this program.

    I'm a marine biologist and have a MS degree. All of my professional experience is in animal care and research.
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    Thanks so much to all of you for the wonderful feedback! I think I'm trying to avoid being too disappointed, so I'm preparing probably too much for the worst! I just hope the letters go out soon so I can stop thinking about it. I hope you all have a great weekend!
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    I have a B.S. in Psych and an M.B.A. I worked in the high-tech industry for 15 years and then quit after having my son. My kids are now 6 and 8, and I am so excited to start a new career in nursing. I was inspired 6 years ago when my best friend passed away from cancer at a young age and I spent a lot of time hanging out with her during her chemo treatments and the many times she was hospitalized. I was amazed by the nurses and thought that's the kind of job I'd really love to have. So, I can't wait to give back some day in honor of my friend!
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    I'm 25 and a recent graduate of Salisbury with a degree in Philosophy. I initially thought about pursuing a career in law but after watching my aunt succumb to her battle with cancer I really felt like nursing was the best career for me. Since graduating I have worked as a musician on the Eastern Shore and volunteered at a local hospital.
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