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  1. 0 Hi,
    I will be a new grad in May 09 and am interested in applying to Hopkins. I do not currently live in Baltimore so I am hoping someone can help me distinguish between their 3 branches: Bayview Medical Center, Howard County and Hopkins Hospital.
    I have looked at all of their website carefully, so I'm looking for information like: what are the neighborhoods like, what types of patients to they mostly see (suburban/urban setting), starting pay etc. Recommendations are always welcome too!
    Thank you.
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    The JHH web site has some good links to LiveBaltimore that will help explain this. However, seriously...don't accept one without a visit if it is important to you. Neighborhoods are diverse and vary dramatically.

    In general, Howard County (which I didn't realize was owned by JHH...) is about 20 minutes from Baltimore city. It is a fairly affluent suburb, with pockets of need but overall very safe, clean, nice subrub. I have heard really good things about the hospital from others. Bayview is East Baltimore. My understanding is it is also serving a much more impoverished and underserved community. JHH main campus is inner city but a mixture of everything. You still see lots of high risk, underserved population but you will also have people coming from all over the world (and MD-every color, ethnicity, and socio economic class) to be treated.

    I have heard good things about new grad at Hopkins main campus.

    Not much, but hope it gives you a place to start.
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    Thank you, I appreciate it. I read what I found on the websites, but it's never the same as hearing it from a real person!
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    I grew up in Maryland. John Hopkins in Baltimore is a great hospital. It's located in a bad neighborhood so I wouldn't recommend living anywhere in the city. However Baltimore County west is great. Suburban area. Look for places in White Marsh, Windsor Mill, Towson, etc. Visit these places first. Also Anne Arundel County is good too and not far from the city.
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    Fells Point, Canton and Highlandtown are cool city areas for young people if she wants to live near Hopkins.

    There is a great thread here about different areas to live and opinions, check it out.
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    Quote from Jules A
    Fells Point, Canton and Highlandtown are cool city areas for young people if she wants to live near Hopkins.

    There is a great thread here about different areas to live and opinions, check it out.
    Can you post a link to this thread? Thanks.
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    The branch of Hopkins in Ho.County is a community hospital (Formerly Howard County General Hospital). It is in a nice area, just down the street from a large mall (The mall in Columbia - check it out for types of stores and demographics), and many residential neighborhoods. It would be a nice, relatively safe place to live and work. However, it is not what you think of when you hear JHH.

    The main campus is a teaching hospital...cutting edge...ect, however, it is in a very unsafe area of inner city Balto. Further, Bayview, a smaller branch is in East Balto as another poster mentioned, and also not a great area (Read...Do not live close!). If you are interested in the Hopkins you hear so much about, it is the main Hopkins Hospital. You will learn lots, however, you will need to find a safe place to reside, especially if you are doing odd shifts.
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    Quote from shinyblackcar
    Can you post a link to this thread? Thanks.
    I think this was the one:
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    Does JHH ever return phone calls?!?! I left a message a week ago because a recruiter emailed me telling me to call and I've heard NOTHING back.
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    Good Question. I'm in a similar situation. I'd try emailing again - that's the only way they have gotten back to me.
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    I did email back on Thursday but haven't heard anything. How long does it take them to get back to you? Can you PM me the email address you use?
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    When I initially contacted the nursing admin office about my preceptorship it was a little over 2 weeks before I got a call back. I had pretty much given up on it. Once I did get a call back they were awesome and everything was set up in just a few days. I just kept calling and left a bunch of messages.
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    I don't have the capability to PM yet....?
    Try it's just the email that they give you to contact general HR with questions. Good Luck.

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