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Passed NCLEX...Waiting for license # - page 2

How long does it usually take for MBON to put up your license # after you pass the NCLEX?? I passed a week ago and still don't have a license number. It says my background check is still pending... Read More

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    I got mine a day after I took it. So I guess it's different for everyone and probably depends on the volume. I did have issues with them for my CNA a while back though.
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    It took a month for mine to get posted and I have no criminal record. Hang in there
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    Anyone know how long it takes for the license renewal to show up on the website?
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    Depends.. I find that if you wait until your license is close to the expiration date, it takes them a couple of business days to show it as being "renewed". But your license will still be listed as "active".