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  1. by   BNice74
    @ Hexum944: I am sorry I didn't see this post in my last response and had a couple more thoughts to share:

    "I applied thinking they had a high pass rate, like around 96-100%. When I got denied I was frustrated and a little bitter because I only applied to a few schools and this was my first choice. At the same time I was relieved I didnt get in because I didnt want to commute there everyday (1.25 hours each way) and have enormous student debt. I recently started nursing school and looking back, I wouldnt have it any other way."

    Good for you for taking ownership of your bitterness. You will find this quality is not helpful once you are a working nurse b/c as with any job that requires teamwork, there is no room for someone with a negative attitude that puts down other people for their decision. And one thing I learned in nursing school, leave your judgment at the door. No one on this board was putting you down for not getting into the Mount so you should think about your bitter words before posting b/c like I wrote earlier, we all worked super hard for our nursing degrees and to pass NCLEX - no matter which school we attend.

    "My tuition for the whole program is $18k, which I had already saved for. Had I not saved for school, I could have paid that off in a year or two. Those attending the Mt will be paying that debt off for 8-20 years, especially if they take more out for cost of living."

    Again, congrats on only paying $18k - good for you. As for those that took out $50k in loans and are paying $32k for more school, if you end up getting a job 6 months earlier than someone that paid $18k for school, you already paid the difference. And as I mentioned I am already working as our many of my fellow Mount Grads. The new grad program I am in hired many mount grads but not 1 from the other school that was mentioned on this board. I am not putting that school down I am just pointing out what I know to be true based on my experiences.

    "I will be doing my rotations at Cedars Sinai and am very excited to be able to learn there, there probably isnt a better hospital to do rotations at. So those going to the Mt, I genuinely wish you luck, because your going to need it. Low NCLEX pass rates and constant debt is going to haunt you later."

    While I know many Mount Grads that are paid RNs of this hospital, including myself, it would be wise for you to take into consideration that HR in fact, does read the boards of this very website. Therefore it would be in your best interest to be careful about your tone towards others. Because in the end hospitals don't care if you passed NCLEX on the first try, they only care that you are a licensed professional. And they look for quality people with positive attitudes that will treat patients and fellow team members with kindess and respect.

    As for the low NCLEX pass rates that hasn't haunted me b/c I am not one of those that didn't pass on the first try. And it doesn't haunt anyone that didn't pass the first time but passed 45 days later either - b/c guess what??? They are also still an RN. I agree the debt sucks but if I waited to get into a cheaper program I would have waited 6-12 months more to begin school, which means I would have started working 6-12 months later and wouldn't have earned money in that time period, like I am doing now.
  2. by   NatBoehm
    Hi BNice74, Sorry to barge in on the conversation but I am very interested in attending MSMC's ABSN...even before your very well crafted argument to Hexum 944, and you sound very well versed on the program as well as having been thru it...So I would like to ask, if you don't mind sharing...what you got in with?...meaning GPA(pre-req's) overall GPA, volunteer or other experience. Also, how many hours a week you think you put in to study? And if you don't mind sharing you final GPA for the program? I am just trying to get an idea of where I stand and what it will take to do well. I am planning to go on to MSN so it is important I have the grades at MSMC...but I want to get an idea of what is realistic. Also, what I might add to improve my chances. I am planning to apply to the fall 2012 cohort.
    This is what I expect to apply with:
    4.0 pre-req GPA
    3.5 overall GPA
    1 year volunteering in Day Surgery recovery at TMMC(4hrs a wk)
    I have full support of family, don't have to work and can put in approx. 45hrs a week to study
    Also planning to take the BioEthics(Taylor U) before entrance.

    Thanks so much in advance for your reply.
  3. by   BNice74
    @ NatBoehm: you are not barging in on the conversation. It seems this forum was originally set up for people applying to the program to help answer such questions to begin with.

    I am a graduate of the May 2011 cohort and will tell you this program is very challenging to get through but it is possible and you can do it. The program requires 150% commitment. I am not joking when I say you have absolutely NO life. That is a true story but you will find it gets easier. The first couple of months are the most difficult in terms of getting used to your crazy schedule but you end up finding a rhythm. It sounds like you have plenty of support from your family (which you need) and you definitely can NOT work so that is good you don't have to. In the first and second semester, I spent approx 16 hours in the classroom, 27 hours in clinicals, and 55 hours a week with homework and studying. This does not count commuting time which can add another few or several hours to your schedule depending on where your clinicals are. Second semester: first 7 weeks is the most challenging in terms of classes. You will find you spend approximately 16 hours in the classroom and 18 hours in clinicals but more time studying. The next 7 weeks it starts to get more manageable and for me was like that until graduation. I think its because I got used to my life being only about school. You seriously live and breath nursing school.

    I highly recommend taking the bioethics course prior at Taylor as you are planning to do. I did the same thing and thanked myself every week for getting that done prior to beginning at MSMC. I seriously do not know how I would have made it through the first 7 weeks of second semester if I hadn't taken bioethics before hand.

    As for GPA: prior to admission my Science pre-reqs were 4.0. My overall GPA was 3.5. No previous health care experience but 17 years of customer service jobs including work in the banks, the legal field, and travel/hospitality jobs. Volunteer experience included working with kindergarteners in the classroom, working with children with disabilities, and 40 hours at a children's hospital helping the kids with homework while they were in the hospital for long periods of time. Your GPA and volunteer experience sounds perfect.

    As for making your application stand out: make sure to write a good essay. Make it personal. Tell a story about why you wanted to become a nurse. Many of my classmates had a sad story as to why they wanted to become a nurse. Most experienced a big loss and talked about it. Show your emotional side. As for myself, I talked about my grandfather's hospice nurses and how they inspired me to finally go back to school to become a nurse. If you can read your essay and cry every time you read it - thats a good essay especially if you can make others feel what you were feeling. Show your compassionate side and talk about how much you care about taking care of others.

    Another tip: don't be afraid to apply for the semester prior to the one you want to be in, just in case you don't get in. For example, I applied for the Aug 2010 cohort knowing I prob wouldn't get in b/c my prerequs were still in progress. I believe this helped me when I reapplied for May 2011 cohort b/c I was one of the first to be interviewed. I heard they have a "separate pile" for applicants that were previously denied and gave them priority consideration the next time around. So don't give up if you get denied once.

    Also practice for your interview. Don't be afraid to show them how dedicated you are and who you are as a person. Again show emotion, talk about team work, and what will make you a good nurse. They are looking for people that will fit into the cohort. Your cohort will become your family for one year so they try to choose people that will get along. Your classmates will be a huge part of your support system. You go through everything together in this crazy program - these are the people that get you through your breakdowns, pick you up when you are feeling like you cant get through another day, and cheer you on when you finally complete the program, pass NCLEX, and become an RN!!!

    In the end I graduated with a 3.6, passed NCLEX on my first try, and started work less than 3 weeks after getting my license.
  4. by   newbiepnp
    @Nat - I completely concur with BNice's assessment of how many hours and the level of commitment necessary in order to do well in the program. There were many nights where I would be up until 2am and then need to wake up at 5:30am in order to make it to 7am class. The 1st full semester you are in class at 7am on Monday and Tuesday until early afternoon and then W - F you are at clinical at 6:30am, with writeups due each day.

    As far as GPA, my pre-reqs were 3.9 and my final GPA was a 3.8, however my pre-BA was under 3.0. I also applied for May, but didn't get accepted until August due to my pre-reqs being incomplete. Taking Bioethics prior to the program was completely worth it, so very good move!

    The essay is really what gets you in the door. They are looking for people from all different walks of life, that can work well with each other. Though they do not require volunteering, be sure to keep a few stories in your mind that you can use for answering possible interview questions. There was also a question about ethics, so prepare for a question that revolves around how you have dealt with that in the past.

    I have yet to take the NCLEX, but am working on preparing for it, and going through the application process all over again...but now for a job. It is a never ending cycle it seems.
  5. by   jmlee
    Hi everyone!

    The information you have provided on this threat is amazing! I recently decided to apply to MSMC March 2012 to start in August. A lot of you said that the reason you did not get in first was because of prereqs being in progress. At the time of March, I will be taking Microbio and will just have finished my last religious studies so that grade will not yet be available (I am on quarter at UCSB). Do you think that this will hurt my application greatly?

    I have a 3.4 GPA and around a 3.8 for my prereq GPA.
    I volunteer as a Clinical Care Extender at St Johns Hospital in Oxnard and have completed over 120 hours. I am also starting another hospital volunteer program in Santa Barbara.
    I have help 2 executive positions in my sorority, am a gymnastics coach, a private coach, and an after school tutor. I have done numerous community service projects to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and for CASA.
    I have scheduled an orientation at the school and will meet with a counselor to go over my application, but based on that do you think that I should wait to apply in November to make my application stronger after I finish my prereqs? Or do you think I should still apply in March?

    My dream in life is to be an RN and I believe MSMC is the school for me. My sisters live in LA and I already have housing available and my parents will cover my tuition for me.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I cannot help but feel jealous of all of you who are one step ahead and one step closer

    Congrats to all of you!
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  6. by   newbiepnp
    Sounds like you are a strong applicant and that your micro grade won't weigh as heavily as it did with my application. As long as you are finished with class by the time classes start in August (last week or so) then you will be fine. Good idea to go to the info session. I say go ahead and apply for August!

    sugarlips, RN, BSN!!!!
  7. by   jmlee
    Wow thanks for your quick response! I feel sort of lame for reading that ENTIRE thread

    And thank you as well for your advice. I think I will! I am also looking into applying to Concordia, CSUN, USD, SFSU, USF, Samuel Merritt, and WesternU but MSMC is looking like my number 1 so I will be applying a couple months earlier than I will be to the rest just to see what happens.

    Is there anything you (or anyone else of course) can think of to make myself a stronger applicant?
  8. by   NatBoehm
    Thanks so much BNice74 and Sugarlips for all the information! I really appreciate it! I feel much better about my chances to get in. Thanks also for your insights on the essay. I do have a sad story with a happy ending to tell that inspired me to want to be a RN. One more it possible to expand upon the ethics question? I am positive they must change the questions every time, but if you could elaborate on this... that would be great! Also to jmlee...I too am applying in march...we may be classmates!!
    Thanks Again and Congrats to BNice74!!! And go Sugarlips on the NYCLEX!!
  9. by   newbiepnp
    The ethics question was somewhere along the lines like, "Tell me about an ethical situation you were faced with and how you handled it." It'll be up to you how to answer it. I used to work for some high-profile celebrities, and basically brought up the fact that many people used to ask me about that whole situation, but that I signed a non-disclosure and still continue to uphold that contract. It was an easy jump to HIPAA (which the interviewer brought up, but I was prepared with to help make the connection).

    by the way, I passed the NCLEX on Wed!
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  10. by   jmlee
    Congrats sugarlips on passing the NCLEX!!! That is so exciting

    And NatBoehm let's keep in touch! I am excited yet REALLY nervous. Are you applying anywhere else around that time?
  11. by   willowLA
    Hi, guys!

    I am also going to apply in March for Fall 2012 for ABSN. I turned in the application to CSUN last week. Has anyone of you applied there?
    The cost of the program at MSMC is the only downer for me - and I hope that I will be able to get private loans to cover it. I do not have much volunteering experience
  12. by   willowLA
    Congratulations, Sugarlips! And I want to thank you for posting your opinions of the program - I have always been your diligent reader
  13. by   teelovely
    Hello Every one!!

    Im considering applying to mount saint mary Feb 2012 But based on the previous comments. Im not sure if my GPA is good enough : ( Ive always had a heart to help others that cannot do for themselves, and Im very compasionate when it comes to people. My GPA over all is 3.0 and my science GPA is 2.75 Im missing one science class so Im sure I can bring my GPA up. I dont want to discourage my self. But I just want to know honestly do I have a chance? Maybe I should consider ADN for now oppose to BSN. If I cant be a nurse I dont know what I will do... Any suggestions from anyone?? Thank You.