Mount St. Mary's ABSN 2011 applicants

U.S.A. Maryland


Applying to MSMC's 2011 absn program? Yeah, me too. Just wanted to hearing from others in the same boat.

Applying to MSMC's 2011 absn program? Yeah, me too. Just wanted to hearing from others in the same boat.

The Mount Mary in Milwaukee??

For May 2011? Me me me!


no, Mount St. Mary's College in Los Angeles, California.


I drove up from San Diego today and handed them the packet with letter of rec, transcripts, and self-reporting checklist. Now the wait begins. Have you looked at Webadvisor yet? I cant log in.

Good luck! I'm looking into this program for the future. What's your GPA if I can ask? :)

wow you hand delivered? haha. I submitted my online application a week ago, and the office already has my transcripts since I applied for their associates degree program. I got accepted, but denied since I really want to get into their accelerated BSN program. Good luck! The waiting begins....

Oh and yes, since I applied to the Associates Degree program a couple months ago, I can log into WebAdvisor.. it takes about a few days, I'm sure you'll be able to log in by the end of this week or maybe next week. But just a heads up, they are really slow with updating their information... it gets pretty frustrating


my science (pre-req's) GPA is 3.85, but I havent calculated the whole GPA including my non-sciences cuz I got my bachelor's at UCSD and then did my nursing pre-req's at a different school, so I think they combine to get the total GPA.


I tried again today, but apparently they've typed in my email address wrong into their system, so I'm gonna have to have the webadvisor tech fix it. I've heard that unfortunately they're EXTREMELY slow, so I'll be waiting quite a while I guess. :uhoh3: Do you live in California?

Yes, I live in Orange County, specifically Irvine. Are you applying to any other nursing programs?

yukikon, how long is the commute for you from Irvine to St. Mary's?

It usually takes me around 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on what time of the day and whether it's a weekday or weekend. I went on a Saturday morning around 8am, and it took me about 30 minutes. But when I went for my interview for the ADN program on a weekday around 9am, it took me close to an hour because of all the traffic. The 5 North isn't bad, but it's the 110 and the 10 that really get to you. I definitely won't be commuting if I get into the program, especially since I think classes/clinicals start at 7:30am, I would die! Are you planning to live on campus if you get into the program?

I would if I didn't have 3 kids and a husband and a mortgage and....:) I live in Ventura County, so the commute probably WILL kill me if I decide to pursue Mt. Saint Mary's!

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