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  1. I am concerned about getting into this program. I was initially premed but that didn't last long. Once I started I was getting a 3.0 or higher. While I have take BI101, Microbiology, chemistry and other courses besides A&P. I heard that although they say you don't need the A&P classes, that many have been turned down and given this reason. Throughout my years I went through some major personal and health problems which led to me dropping some courses and getting F's bc I did not drop them in time. I am taking 13 credit this sememster and hopefully I will pull off all A's. My current GPA is 2.14 bc of the time that I took off. I plan to include a letter/essay explaining my dropping GPA. I also plan on taking A&P I & II and will hopefully bring my GPA to at least a 3.0. They say that u have to have to have at least a 2.5 but then turn student down with 3.0 bc they didn't take the A&P courses. I am just asking for someone to give me some feedback, particularly those that have been in somewhat of my posistion. Thank you!

    p.s. if anyone has a nursing course that is easier to get into and it accredited I would love to hear about any and all programs. Thanks
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  3. by   drea588
    Hello, I am a first semester nursing student at Montgomery College.

    To apply, you must have en101, bi107, and be on college-level math. And to ensure your acceptance, take all the priority courses. bi204, bi205, college level math and en 102. You also need to take the teas exam and score a 78% or higher in reading, and an overall 66%.

    You must have BI107 before BI204 (A&P1) and BI204 before taking BI205. Also, these will have to be done and a grade entered before you submit your application. You could be taking BI205 when you apply, but it would not count as a completed priority course.

    Your GPA must be at least a 2.5, but they do not accept students based on their GPAs at all. They choose by the amount of priority courses completed, everyone I know has 4/4 and then your TEAS exam score. You only have to meet the 78% reading mark, your overall score is how they rank students (after the priority course amount).
  4. by   btrossbach
    Does anyone have any idea of the number of applicants, number accepted and wait list? Specifically for the Spring Program?
  5. by   tuncap

    I will be applying for Fall 2013 or Spring 2014. On the application, it reads:

    • Must have the minimum requirement and a minimum GPA of 2.5 for consideration. This GPA is based on your most recent 24 college credits earned. If you are a recent high school graduate with fewer than 24 college level credits, high school records will be included in this calculation. Official transcripts are required.
    • Health Sciences admissions will be based on courses completed and grades earned through the prior fall semester only. Spring admission (Nursing only) will be based on courses completed through the prior spring semester only.

    Do you have to have a minimum 2.5 GPA before the application is turned in, or will they take into account classes/grades entered after the application is turned in for GPA purposes?
  6. by   drea588
    I believe it is at the current moment in which you turn in your application, same goes with your prereqs, you could be in them when you apply, and receive a grade later, but it wouldn't count. Only what you have completed before submitting your application counts. Good luck!
  7. by   drea588
    I have not heard of a wait list, or anyone being wait listed. Applications go out and who ever come into the program gets in. I think final count for the fall class was in the 80s, and after the first exam a lot of people stopped coming, so I'm not sure what the count is at now.
  8. by   kellydenise
    I was told at the information session last month that there are around 100 spots this coming Fall semester because they got grant money to add more students. They mentioned there is a VERY SMALL wait list in case a few students choose to turn down their spot. I am beyond nervous/excited to (hopefully) get my acceptance letter in June!

  9. by   TinaTM
    Good luck! Im finishing the program in 2 weeks! Cannot wait! it is a hard 2 years but you learn so much and the clinicals and the teachers are wonderful. Best of luck to you all!
  10. by   kellydenise
    I was told by the admissions office that acceptance letters wouldn't be sent out till May 31st, but a few people on this thread...
    ...said they just them in the mail. If you are waiting to hear, make sure you have someone home the next few days to sign for the package. UGH, Im so nervous. Good luck everyone.

    (My GPA and TEA scores were way above the min but I am worried because I have every non-nursing course done besides the second english. I will be so upset if I don't get in just because of that!)


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