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Hello Maryland nurses :) I'm from the Boston area, graduating with my ADN in May. I applied for the JHH clinical nurse residency program and I just got contacted for an interview! I don't know when it will be yet but I'm very... Read More

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    By the way, for those of you who are starting on the 25th, what day are you moving into town?

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    Quote from ean29
    By the way, for those of you who are starting on the 25th, what day are you moving into town?
    I own a condo in northern VA, so I have to rent my place before I can sign a lease in Baltimore. Until then, I'll be commuting 90 minutes each way. :-(

    What neighborhoods are people moving to? Two of my friends from nursing school are sharing a place in Canton (downtown Baltimore). I've been looking around there, and in the Fells Point neighborhood.
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    I'm actually from West Palm Beach, FL

    I'm not a big city living kind of girl, so I am going to be living on the border of rosedale and white marsh. Its like 9 miles away, but its a short drive because I don't deal with downtown traffic at all. My apt is 888 not including utilities, but it has a washer/dryer, clubhouse with pool, gym and lots of parking. This is way more style of living that a high rise and I feel totally safe with the neighborhood. As a plus point, the White Marsh mall is only 2 miles away.

    Quote from Malmehl
    Where in Florida are you from? I am originally from Daytona Beach and moving to the Baltimore area!
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    Pokytrokyt, congrats! What critical care floor will you be working on?
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    Quote from AggieEMT
    Pokytrokyt, congrats! What critical care floor will you be working on?
    I don't know which floor it's on, but I'll be working in the Cardiac critical care unit.
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    I am really interested in applying to JHH next year but I'm curious as to what the start dates they offer?

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    They have start dates literally every month for new grads. There are no deadlines for applying but rather it's on a rolling basis (dependent upon departmental needs).
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    The tricky thing for new grads is finding the postings on the Hopkins employment webpage for new grads. You'll need to look for "Nurse Clinician I" jobs. Many times, I found these jobs were only posted online for 1 DAY. So I got in the habit of looking for new NC1 postings every day.

    Hopkins is building two big new buildings connected to the existing hospital that will contain the Pediatrics department in one, and all critical care units in the other. So there's a lot of hiring going on right now as those buildings will be larger than the existing buildings they'll replace. And once they move, their old spaces will be re-puposed for other uses. The new buildings are scheduled to open in April 2012.
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    Thank you for the responses! I am extremely interested in cardiac nursing so that is good for me to hear. I have a lot of experience on ICU cardiac floors so hopefully I can land a job there as a new grad. I was asking about start dates because I know I will need plenty of time to move out and get settled (if I were offered a job). This thread will served as a very big help to me as I begin interviewing!
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    Congrats to those hired at Hopkins. I almost felt like if you didnt go to UMB or JH for nursing school, they won't consider you for their new grad hire. I have every intention from moving from FL to MD in the next month. I have my FL RN license and now have endorsed for MD. I wish the Nurse Recruiter would contact me already! Is it a good idea to contact the recruiter?

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