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Hello! I applied for the early acceptance BSN for the fall 2012 cohort. Has anyone else applied early acceptance and heard back yet? I am anxiously awaiting their decision! Thanks!... Read More

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    Quote from vnmeltzer
    I'm not really sure of everyone else's situation, but I'm prepared to take a significant loan out. I'm 24 and will graduate from the program at 26. I won't have anyone else to support for a few years after graduation at least so I plan on living on $20,000 a year and putting the rest of what I make as an RN to my loans to pay them off ASAP.

    Also, I have no idea how financial aid works. kind of silly, but my parents were upper middle class and I qualified for nothing but now, as an independent student who makes barely anything I'm crossing my fingers that means hopkins grants. who knows... ha.
    Yeah I spent a lot of time freaking out over how expensive Hopkins is. Until I made an actual chart of all the schools I've applied to, what they cost and what I might get in aid. Turns out that they're all pretty much the same (with the exception being the state school). It was even more shocking to realize the Hopkins was only about $2000 more expensive than a school that is only known locally to me! I'd gladly fork over the extra $2000 for the Hopkins degree.

    As a side note vnmeltzer, I saw on the summer entry thread that you went to Goucher. So did I! Small world I guess. I graduated in 2011. We'll have to import HvZ or some deer if we miss The Bubble.

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    Hey Spoon! Yeah very small world. I actually live with someone from Goucher that graduated in 2011! So have you been accepted to Hopkins/are you going?
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    I've been accepted, and I'm like 80% sure I'm going to Hopkins. Just waiting for ASD day to seal the deal.

    Ironically I was in Baltimore this weekend too for a bridal shower. Drove past a couple of apartment buildings I was looking into!
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    Spoon - I just sent you a PM. Let me know if you got it.
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    Hi all,

    Has anyone else applied to the BSN-MSN Nurse Midwife program? I'm curious about what people think about the Public Health Nursing vs Clinical Nurse Specialist distinction.

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    Hey guys! I've been accepted for the Fall 2012 ABSN/MSN at JHU, and I'm planning on going. Is anyone else doing the critical care specialty? I just signed up for the off campus housing website today for JH, and it looks like there are pretty sweet options if you have at least two options. Everything seems so cheap next to Boston prices!
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    Hi tfkane,

    This is my first time posting on this site, but I follow the threads fairly often. I am also planning to attend JHU this Fall for the ABSN/MSN program in adult acute/critical care. I will be attending the accepted student's day this Friday and I'm looking forward to getting a better feel for the campus and the program. Will you be attending this Friday as well?

    It's great to meet another critical care student; I haven't seen many on this forum so far. I hope the move from Boston goes well for you. I just recently moved from California to Virginia and now I'm heading up to the Columbia area before school starts. Are you planning to move to Baltimore or a surrounding area?
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    Hi abett,

    Sorry I went MIA. I stopped checking the forum after a couple of days, and then accidentally ignored you after your lovely response. It's awesome to hear that you're going to be doing the acute care specialty as well! We'll probably be in class together a good deal. I did go down to the accepted students day and thought it was very helpful. It got me really excited to start the program!

    I recently decided to sign on for a 16 month lease at the 929 apartments, because it seemed like the most convenient method. (It's difficult apartment hunting from 7 hours away, but you probably know that as you looked from California.) Anyway, I figure it'll be nice to be essentially on the medical campus for the first part of the program. Has your move gone well up to Columbia?

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