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Hello to all, I was wondering if anyone new the current starting salary for new grads at JHH in Baltimore. Thanks.... Read More

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    Quote from chaxanmom
    I'm a new grad there as well and I started at $28.28. Also, parking for PACE nurses (almost all bedside nurses) is $68 a month because you rotate day/night. I'm not sure what hezheather means by no one smiling at that hospital. That's definitely not my experience but it does differ from unit to unit.
    They do pay you to go back to school. It was $10K per year but now it's $6500.
    Does Bayview pay less maybe? I'm pretty sure she wasn't offered close to $28.

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    Quote from Jules A
    Does Bayview pay less maybe? I'm pretty sure she wasn't offered close to $28.
    Possibly. I'm not sure how much of what Bayview does is similar to what we do. I think we share a logo and that's about it. lol!
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    I interviewed recently at Bayview and was quoted $24.45/hr for new grad without shift differential/wknd differential, which was a few $'s more. And you have to factor parking fees also. I was told $10k per year for school at Bayview, and the position I applied for was not salaried, it was a typical nights, 36 hour/wk shift.
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    I have been working at JHH for about a year now, and there are some serious pros and cons. First of all you have to look at what neighborhood you are working in. Its not the best. The parking IS expensive, I pay 68 dollars a month now, and they are inceasing it by another 10. This is also because I am a bedside nurse, If I was not a PACE beside nurse I would be paying close to 140 to park, and let me just say when the new section of the hospital opens there will be very little parking. Johns Hopkins does open many wonderful doors to furthering your career, and right now it is a terrible economy and I was lucky when I was a new grad to be hired. They have a excellent new grad program which helped alot. The work week here is expected to be 40 hours which can be a pain if you were used to being a CNA like I was at another hospital and only working 36. Some units do self scheduling while others do not. There is no extra money for working holidays because it is built into the pay. I find the pay very fair in comparison to other local hospitals. However It was hard for me to adjust from a county hospital to a inner city hospital.I have dealt with extremly violent patients, and probably know more now about gangs and inner city workings than I ever thought that I would. There are some other issues I have had and honestly I think it just may be my unit and not the hospital as a whole. Hope this helps.
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    As one of the other posters said, Bayview is VERY different from JHH--as are all the other facilities in the Hopkins systems. I came from Bayview, and when I left there about a year ago, I was making $28 and some change as a full time day shift nurse. When I did weekend option days, I was making $31 an hour. Most of the units at Bayview you can work either straight days or straight nights, and you are hourly, not it's 36 hours per week--all 12 hour shifts, and anything over 40 hours is paid at time and half. They do have weekend option day and weekend option nights, and I think the differential for weekend option nights is about $9 more than your base salary. I can't remember what new grad pay was...but it couldn't have been much less than $28, because I had only been a nurse for 3 years when I left. There are other hospitals that pay better in the area--but the benefits that all the Hopkins hospitals offer are superior to that of what you will get anywhere else, and you are really working for the name...
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    Hi i would like to ask if they are still hiring for new grad nurses in John Hopkins? im very interested. I cant seem to search the net for this position. And i have a california license, do i need a maryland license as well?
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    They are always hiring - they have between 5 to 50 new nurses every 2 months. I have only known 1 person to get the specialty floor they wanted. Most of the ICU/peds floors want 1 year of experience (student nursing doesn't count). They always have open spots on the website. I applied for several spots. The recruiter called and connected me to medical floors that were short on nurses. Maryland is a compact license state - California is not. You would have to apply in Maryland.

    I wouldn't recommend applying for the other Johns Hopkins affiliated hospitals if you are looking to get brownie points on your resume.
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    Do you mean i have to take another exam in maryland? Is jh hospital as good as it sounds?
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    Contact the Maryland Board of Nursing for details. It doesn't look like you would have to take the NCLEX again - MBON would just need to verify your NCLEX scores and application.

    John's Hopkins is one of the best hospitals to work at especially as a new grad. You will see a lot of therapies (medicine and holistic) that you won't see for a few years elsewhere. You will also see medical conditions rarely seen elsewhere - patients are sent from all over the world to be treated here. The hospital has lots of research for nurses and doctors. Everything is protocol driven. It's not a bad thing as it is a "standard" for what conditions to report and how to set up equipment. It is a culture shock for those use to peaceful rural areas. There is a lot of room to grow here and many opportunities for nursing.
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    arockingroupie hi, thanks for your input on this, i keep searching JH and i can't seem to find a new grad nursing program open.. i don't have any experience yet, If its not too much can u give me the site where it has the new grad application.. im getting nuts searching the site by myself.. thanks a lot!

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