Issues With Nursing Pre-reqs. What Do I Do?

  1. Hello everybody.I having a major issue. I got accepted into Bowie State Unversity and Im planning to do the accelerated program but I just have to finish up my science classes which are General Biology, Human AP 1 and 2, chemistry, and micro. I have to finish this all by the end of the year. My only issue is Im having issues with my classes now and I dont know what to do.Im only 20 years old and I dont want to be in school forever and I just want to be a nurse. Should I just leave Bowie and go to LPN school and then go back or stick it out where I am. Someone please help me.
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  3. by   sandi1743
    when you say "by the end of the year" what do you mean - you'll be starting next Jan? (sorry i do not know much about how Bowie works). I was under the impression that most schools you had to pretty much be finished with pre-reqs before being accepted.
    You will not be in school forever - unless you want to - i promise! it can seems like a really hard long journey to get into nursing school. I have a bachelors in science,went and took grad school science and then back to take my pre-reqs and am now at UMB. Was it crazy and frustrating - heck yes, worth it - most def! come up with a plan for which classes you'll take and then go step by step. be like the mouse - nibble on the wheel of cheese, bite by bite it gets smaller and smaller and eventually it is all gone!
  4. by   KimberlyRN89
    Bowie State only accepts applicants in the fall, if I'm not if you are not accepted to the program for fall `11, you would have to wait until next spring to apply again for the following fall.
  5. by   caliotter3
    You don't say what your issues are. If you are having trouble with the workload and passing, then get some help and slow down. Ask them if you can defer until the next class. Otherwise you should bite the bullet and tend to business. Dropping back to LPN school is only prolonging the school process. You still will need those courses to get a BSN, which is what you want to shoot for, careerwise.

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