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Does anyone have any experience with the program at FCC? I am currently taking my pre-req's now and I'm worried about getting in. They keep raising the GPA every year, now it's a 3.39 min. and you can only apply once a year as... Read More

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    I have Dr. Mason. We are doing muscles, but started that chapter later than planned because he had some back surgery. He is teaching BI 104 on T/Th nights this spring. So if you want him for BI 103, you would have to wait until Fall '11. His class fills up, though! I got in after students were dropped for non-payment.

    We had Frankenberry one night for lecture (bones) when Dr. Mason was out. He was very clear and seemed like he would be a good one, too.

    I get pretty stressed out about tests and quizzes, so I appreciate Dr. Mason's study guides that he posts on Bb very much.
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    Quote from jenniepaige
    Well I have Rosebrock who has a reputation of being the hardest one. His tests/exams are no joke. They are a lot of application problems. But he's fair and he's good. I think that he does a good job at preparing you for nursing school because that's how it is in there from all that I have heard. Another good one is Frankenbarry. That's all I know first hand about. It depends on when you will be going too. I just talked to one student in Mason's class and that's what she said. To not go over muscles or be tested on it....well I think it's irresponsible. Muscle's are HUGE. We just finished them.
    He gives a detailed outline on what is exactly going to be on the test which is helpful in a way I guess. We get an outline but it's not verbatim like his is.
    I think he might be ok for AP2 but not 1 because the other professors are much more challenging.
    Dr Rosebrock is GREAT! I did not have him for A&P, but he did come in to my class a few weeks ago as a guest lecturer for our immunity lecture. He did most of the physiology portion, our nursing instructor did the clinical parts. From what I understand, immunity is his "thing", and he made a very, VERY complex topic pretty straightforward and easy to understand.
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    Ha, that's funny. He came into class the next day talking about doing just that. I think he really enjoyed it. And yes it is his thing. He has a biz doing it or something like that from what I've gathered. If you apply yourself and come to class on time then he's pretty cool. He's tough, but it's a tough class to that's ok. I can't believe I am surviving and am almost done 103!
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    So all you pre-req ladies, the semester is quickly coming to a close! How have you been faring so far? Tonight was our LAST Med/Surg 1 lecture, next week the final, and then I will OFFICIALLY be a second year nursing student!
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    Oh that's awesome! AP is def the most challenging. It's especially frustrating for me because I'm not the best test taker. I get nervous and will put down the wrong answer when I know the right one, some read the question clearly and so on and so forth so I am going to end up with a B in this class while I should have gotten an A. I knew more than most of my peers about the stuff but am not as skilled as taking tests. Plus Rosebrock's tests are very hard. Very upsetting.
    LIke on the lab final we has questions that were just unnecisarily hard. Like what muscle is antagonistic to X and and extends at the knee. Also some of the diagrams they have are SO not clear. Also we had a picture of this lady looking somewhere but you couldn't tell if she was looking out or up and out and we had to say which extrinsic muscles they were. I guess it will be a good thing when were all done. We were in class last week and Rosebrock kind of went off about Mason saying "that blank is gonna stop next semester let me tell you" he is responsible for A&P and his night class wasn't how it should have been or something. So Mamato5boys I would watch out next semester.
    Anyhow...just ranting. I am SO ready to be done but I have the lecture final still next Thursday.
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    Now I never had Dr Rosebrock for A&P but many of my classmates did. Those classmates are the ones that are doing the best so far in the program. From what they have said, his test questions prepare you very well for the types of questions you will see on the actual nursing exams. And also I have found that many people who found 103 to be very difficult had a better time in 104. 104 is MUCH more concept based. The actual anatomy (memorization) is really not that much in 104 as compared to 103.
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    I am done with my classes as of this past Tuesday and am already enjoying my down time. Funny, Dr. Mason will often insert comments like, "I wish they wouldn't do it this way, but..." so I guess there is a bit of friction in how the program is run. Mason is only part-time so obviously doesn't have much pull. Every teacher does things a little differently and probably they all think their way is THE way. Oh well, they can duke it out during their meetings or something. I thought our class was run very well.

    Oh, Jenniepage, the test taking.....ugh! I get extremely nervous beforehand but then I cope fairly well once the actual test starts. I usually go through the entire test twice to check for dumb mistakes I have made.
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    So-prereq ladies, how's it going this semester? I'm in Med/Surg 2 and Psych this semester and let me tell y'all right now OMG is this the most trying stressful semester yet. NOTHING in the first year even holds a candle to this. So far I have an 86% in Med/Surg 2 and 88% in Psych, so I don't think my pristine 4.0 is going to hold up, but really I have come to terms with that at this point and am just looking forward to graduating!
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    I haven't checked in here in a while! But my spring semester went well and I just started a five week summer class. I met a nursing student from FCC last summer who said she went into the program with a 4.0 and was only able to maintain B's & high C's once nursing school started, so I am imagining that is pretty typical. Have students ended up dropping out from your class? How are your teachers?

    Did many of the students choose to get their CNA after the first semester? Questions, questions.

    Keep up the good work! Can't believe I only have three classes left to take before I start.

    I noticed that even the fall program is now up to a 21 point requirement with over a 3.5 gpa, whew!
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    Yes we have had a few drop/fail out. Maybe 10 ish from an original class of 32. New students get added every semester though that are repeating classes, or just coming back after a break. I have found that there are a lot of students in my class that just want to PASS, but there are a number of people that are doing pretty well. I'm in my LAST semester now and have a 3.9 so.............just hope it stays that way I cant speak for the day option but all of the instructors I have had for the evening/weekend program have been excellent and supportive. I am kind of freaked to go out into the real world and leave all that support behind!

    A lot of people DID get their CNA after first semester. I think we have 4 or 5 working as CNAs right now. And yeah, the program gets more competitive every semester!

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