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Does anyone have any experience with the program at FCC? I am currently taking my pre-req's now and I'm worried about getting in. They keep raising the GPA every year, now it's a 3.39 min. and you can only apply once a year as... Read More

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    Re: who to take for pre-req's and such..... I dont believe any of the instructors I had for A&P are still at FCC, but my micro professor is, and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone. Dan Coffman. He usually teaches nights. He works at USAMRIID at Ft. Detrick and is amazingly knowledgeable and helpful. I loved micro out of all my pre-reqs the most. In fact, I spent quite a few class periods talking to him about various sciencey types of things for close to an hour after class before.

    And re: the medical terminology class....TAKE IT if at all possible. You will be at such an advantage if you take it prior to clinicals. If not, its like learn and look stuff up as you go. I really wish they would have made that a pre-req. GOOD LUCK in getting through your pre-reqs everyone. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed in the program.

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    Thanks for the tip about taking medical terminology. I may have to rethink my schedule. How hard, meaning how much work do you think is involved in it compared to the other pre-reqs?
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    I have no idea what it would be like as opposed to the other pre-req's because I didn't take it myself. I think its a fairly new option, and they are just now recommending it to students in the pre-req phase. It was actually a group of students that brought it up to the nursing faculty that it would be helpful to have a medical terminology course as a pre-req. The problem is that the program has to stay at 70 credits so they can't force it, they can just strongly recommend it and I think they are now. As someone with no healthcare experience going into this, I think it would have helped me out a lot. There were many things we talked about this semester that I had NO idea what they were talking about and I had to look up (they dont expect you to know EVERYTHING, but they do expect you to look it up if you don't know in the first semester).
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    I am planning on taking the Medical Terminology class online. Seems like it will be a bit more helpful for me than the pottery class I am now taking to fulfill my art credit...
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    Quote from Mama2fiveboys
    I am planning on taking the Medical Terminology class online. Seems like it will be a bit more helpful for me than the pottery class I am now taking to fulfill my art credit...
    Oh I didn't know that you were even allowed to do a studio class for art? I thought it had to be like art history or something. I did art appreciation way back when. I actually think that pottery would be fun.
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    Pottery is one of the art classes offered in the Arts & Humanities section and they offer it as a 5 week session during the summer so I thought it would be a good time to get it out of the way. It is turning out to be more time consuming than my two online classes combined! It is 8 hours of class/week plus homework and a research paper which I was not expecting. Ah well. It is pretty fun, I just wasn't expecting it to be so much work. The teacher (Shane Sellers) is very good and I am learning a lot.

    I may have to drop one of my online classes (Spanish). Every time I try to submit my work on the website they use, it says my transmission was lost! Very frustrating and the tech support people were unable to solve it. I was really excited to take Spanish (and get my Humanities credit checked off!) so I am hoping my teacher will allow me to give her my answers over the phone or typed out in email. Waiting for a reply from her on that. I don't know what else to do and we're into the second week of class. If I have to drop it, I will just take the recommended EN 102 this fall I suppose. But it will be a waste of a $160 book (the online access it comes with is almost $100 by itself!).

    Are you taking any summer classes?
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    Sorry-just getting to this! I can't believe how much work pottery is! That's crazy! I am taking PS108 right now, on line. And honestly it's a glorified health class. If I don't get an A it's because I was so bored that I wasn't paying attention. It's honestly really frustrating because the book actually has false info. or incomplete info. sometimes and the instructor is very nice she is just scatter brained. Half the thing on the black board site are from her regular 15 week section and she doesn't bother to clarify or change it. I even pointed it out to her and she didn't change it. She has misspelled words all over the place and doesn't really seem to care very much. I can't believe I actually have to pay money to take this class. It's a repeat from pyc 101 and most of it is just common sense. It's silly.
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    Is it PS 208 (not 108) which is Human Growth and Development? I think I am going to try that during the Jan-term or next summer session. I heard that class was pretty easy so that is why I thought the Jan-term might be a good option for me. If you don't mind me asking for a hint of the last name of the professor, I will make sure I don't sign up with her!

    Well, I dropped English and kept Spanish. Pottery will be done next Wednesday. I have to do a research project for the last class. My projects are so bad, I don't think I will get an A. I have been joking for the last month that Pottery will be the class that keeps me out of nursing school. So now I will take English this fall along with Micro. I checked into Coffman's class (from previous poster) but his class was full.
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    Oh yes sorry 208. It is pretty easy. I'm glad I took it in the summer term. But the exams are tricky though. She doesn't come up with them though, it's the same people that write the book. Her name is Spence. She's really nice, don't get me wrong just a little bit disorganized. Very reasonable though, just frustrating.
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    You have to do a research paper for pottery? that's actually rather amusing. I hope you do well in the class!

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