diff b/t johns hopkins hospital and johns hopkins bayview & ummc - page 2

hi all, i am a ny nurse possibly relocating soon. work in a state teaching hospital, and i wanted to know the major differences b/t jhh and jh bayview campuses. i understand that the main hospital and bayview are not far away... Read More

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    In my past life I worked for many years downtown after working at UMMS (and I did get more $$ at JHH). The JHH of 25 years ago paid differently but not the JHH of today but the nonsense continues of people saying that. I have had the pleasure of workign with many nurses who moved from the NYC area and they all felt that they were paid well compared to their NY union wages. True JHH kinda gets you on holidays, they say you get more in some strange formula but you do get overtime so how is that salary ? ? Its kinda funny to be called salaried when you get an hourly pay. I think that there is a world of difference between jhh and jhbmc iwth jhbmc being hopkins lite or as they like to say the kinder gentler hopkins.

    Clearly my vote for you would be for JHH, they are on the verge of moving into a state of the art 1.5 billion dollar addition..yes i said billion $$$ . There is no place like it....


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