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Hey everyone, Im currently applying to Coppin State universitys nursing program. I wanted to know for those currently attending or have attended, what was the gpa and TEAS scores which they were accepted with? I wanna know what... Read More

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    You're welcome

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    Just an update. I have graduated from coppin and passed NCLEX. I must say coppin does prepare you for the road ahead. I did get a position at a local hospital. Thx everyone
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    Hey Tina...seems like we were in the same class...I have graduated and passed nclex as position as of yet but hopefully soon...congrats to you and all the best
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    Oh wow! Congrats to you as well. Just keeping trying local hospital, you will get something
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    Thanks...just waiting for the next round of CN 1 positions...if you don't mind which hospital did you get?
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    @williams3929 and tinasky2005, I it hard to get accept into the program.
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    Quote from Hotyoungmom
    @williams3929 and tinasky2005, I it hard to get accept into the program.
    I wish I could answer you but the process was totally different when I got in...they changed the requirements and process while I was in the program. Maybe @tinasky2005 may know more
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    From my understanding things have changed as far as requirements. Personally for me not at all. But its important to have good gpa (> 3.0) and pass the teas.
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    @tinasky2005 How did you like the program? Looks like we're being stationed at Ft. Meade so I'm looking at Coppin and a few others. I've heard alot about their NCLEX pass rates and difficulty with the program dept. All I care about is the level and quality of education really.

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