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Hello everyone, I would like to hear from anyone who has been accepted into CCBC's nursing program. Which program did you attend (Essex RN, Essex LPN to RN, Catonsville RN, or Dundalk LPN)? What advice would you give to... Read More

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    I am in my first semester at CCBC Essex Day RN program. The # of applicants is growing rapidly every semester, probably due to the economic downturn. A's are important, especially in the sciences, when applying for this program. The TEAS test also seemed to be weighted pretty heavily. I noticed a posting from some time ago that said that students applying with a 3.5 GPA are automatically accepted (I think it was referring to CCBC), which is not true. A friend of mine who applied in my cycle had a 3.5+ and was not accepted.

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    Dr. Warner is excellent. I had her for Bio 110. Also heard great things @ Ms. Moure and Mike Curran.

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