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If I had a dime for every time I've heard this question, from individuals in and out of the healthcare field. Just because I'm male and a minority doesn't mean I cannot be a nurse. I do not care whether or not I'll be "taking... Read More

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    I could not agree more! This issue exists because of the sexism that is alive and well in our society.

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    My latest response to "Why didn't you go to med school?" is now:

    "Why didn't you?"

    Even, especially, if the interrogator is an MD.
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    Quote from MN-Nurse
    My latest response to "Why didn't you go to med school?" is now:

    "Why didn't you?"

    Even, especially, if the interrogator is an MD.
    Haha when I told my GP that I was going to university to study nursing she got really excited. She is an awesome doc and person though.
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    Quote from ImThatGuy
    If someone would support me in giving me the standard of living I have now and would pay for not only going to finish the undergraduate prerequisites but also pay for going to medical school then absolutely I'd do it and go. Heck, I'd rather be a doctor.
    Include getting me accepted to a medical school to this short list. Since I've never been able to achieve what I wanted to achieve as a nurse, might as well have gone into medicine.
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    Quote from Assailants
    Cool dude. Most people never ask that to me and the people who do are usually in a non-medical field. FYI, its OD for optometry and they don't go to med school, they go grad school for optometry, like pharmacy, OTD, etc.
    I think he meant DO.
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    I've decided to look at my life in stages. I get that question a lot. I'm sure it's because of my stereotype "Asian" but a lot of people still ask why I don't go to Med School. I'm tired of people thinking school is only valid beofre your 30. I'm going to Nursing school to become a travel Nurse. I plan to traavel for 5 or more years to save money. This is all I know. I believe we need to pursue education throughout our life. So later I do plan to go back to school, but Nursing is mine to own now.
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    I got the same crap! Everyone said "your so smart, why waste it on nursing"? Are you kidding?! You have to be intelligent and hard working if you think your going to be a nurse! That's why 70 out of 240 complete the program at my school! I'm a proud nursing student!
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    Ha! That question always arises for me since people view nursing as a profesion for "women" only.
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    Just ask them why they are not a doctor. Unless they are.
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    i was a military medic, then law enforcement, now a nurse, i could have been a physician by now but i am very content with nursing and upcoming graduate degree in Nurse Practitioner. good post. thanks.
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