White male in nursing, any scholarship options I need help BAD!!

  1. Hello everyone,
    I am new to the site and would like to start out by saying hello. I am a 31 yo white male doing a accelerated CD2 program at wayne state university. I was so happy to get into the program. the program is difficult, but I must say the school is great and they have it set up very well. The experiences are great and the culture of Detroit brings very many different views.

    When starting the program I was assuming it would be 27,000 for 16 months. come to find out after i scheduled It is going to be more like 35,000. I dont know what I am going to do. I NEED SOME ASSISTANCE and FAST.

    I have already had to move out of my house and into a friends house. I had three rental properties which I am now loosing to the bank. Not by choice, the program consumes so much time and tenants were not paying their rent, and I simply could not work at all in this program. So over all I am taking a major hit in my life to do this program.

    I have had a goal to be a nurse for many years, I wish I would have done this route when I was 18. Sometimes it just takes a while to figure out what you want in life.

    Our school sends out scholarship info a lot, but they are all minority based. I just feel like the cards are stacked against me. I really need any assistance I can get. I dont know how I am going to pay for summer semester or fall. I literally have a difficult time putting gas in my car. I NEED HELP. Does anyone know any options? i have applied for so many scholarship.

    Kevin Ellis
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  3. by   Mission
    Are you sure you didn't qualify for the minority scholarships? Males in nursing usually count as being underrepresented. Also try searching discovernursing.com.
  4. by   Mike A. Fungin RN
    Quote from Mission
    Are you sure you didn't qualify for the minority scholarships? Males in nursing usually count as being underrepresented.
    You are seriously misinformed.

    Kevin, you can try the American Assembly for Men in Nursing. They do a scholarship for male students annually, but it's small.
  5. by   Mission
    Quote from Mike A. Fungin RN
    You are seriously misinformed.
    Am I?

    "Students will be eligible for the Robert Wood Johnson GEM scholarships if they are African-American, Hispanic, American Indian, Asian or male (groups underrepresented in nursing) or from disadvantaged backgrounds."

    ■Are from groups that are underrepresented in nursing (men and minorities) or from an economically-disadvantaged background

    "*Underrepresented Groups in Nursing (minority and male students)"
  6. by   justashooter
    wow, 3 scholarships for 3 white men. now that's encouraging.
  7. by   Student4_life
    Not really 3. The first 2 are the same scholarship, just at different schools.
  8. by   BlueEyedGuy
    It you took out student loans and need more, your school's financial aide should have an appeals officer that is possibly suited to help you with a situation like yours.
  9. by   wazeout
    have you tried using a GSL
  10. by   piglubabe
    First of let me congratulate you for choosing nursing.
    There are few nursing scholarships for men, especially for white males, there's so little. But dont give up yet, Please check the site below to find suitable scholarships for you.
    Make sure you apply right away once you find scholarship in your area. These scholarships tend to fill up quickly.
    Here's the site:


    Best of Luck.
  11. by   ThatNurseGuy04
    Hey Kevin, I'm just entering my RN program so I totally feel your pain. I live in MO and they have a scholarship through the MO health and Senior Services that's $5000 each year to qualified nursing students. It's not technically a scholarship because the repayment is to work as an RN in the home state for as many years as they've given you money so it's kinda win-win. Also, I know my school has a small scholarship called New Traditions that offers a small scholarship to those going into fields traditionally held by others, this year they added males and nursing as a qualifying applicant. So definitely check out your state dept. for ideas, and your school will have TONS of info about grants and scholarships you just have to ask
  12. by   roscopeeco
    I am a white male as well. You are the wrong color and gender for a scholarship. White males get the shaft. Good luck anyhow. Let us know if you get some help.
  13. by   chordringer
    $37,000 for an RN degree? That's a crock. I hope that's a BSN and not just a ADN. Still costly if you ask me.
  14. by   RN1980
    you are screwed if looking for funds..i basically had to join the ******* army and doing a tour in the nat. guard to pay for school. good luck bro.