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Hello everyone, I am new to the site and would like to start out by saying hello. I am a 31 yo white male doing a accelerated CD2 program at wayne state university. I was so happy to get into the... Read More

  1. by   MikeCabotrn
    I don't want to get involved in the discussion of affirmative action or other issues related to the morality of giving male nursing students special scholarships. I just want to point out a new scholarship for male nursing students. Here's the link:

  2. by   IRISHLUCK
    History and affirmative action aside... I'm interested in learning more about scholarships.
  3. by   strings85
    I am a "white" male, and I find people looking for scholarships for white males to be sort of ignorant. White is not a race, it is a color. Black students do not get scholarships because they are black, they get them for being African-American. Some get them for living in a ****** town, and didnt have as many opportunities as we white people had.

    I don't mean to sound ****** here, but instead of looking for white people scholarships, find out more about your heritage. There are scholarships out there for Italian-Americans, German-Americans, etc. you just have to look. Also, we are already able to find money by being male in a predominantly female occupation. Enough arguing about racism.
  4. by   justashooter
    Quote from MrChicagoRN
    In other words, your complaining about experiencing a small degree of the discrimination that others have faced for centuries?
    obviously mr chicago is centuries old and personally experienced historical discrimination. i am centuries old, too, and was enslaved by the muslim barbary pirates off the coast of tripoli, like 2 million other european whites between 1600 and 1850. when the venture company my ship was financed by refused to pay my ransom, i was sold into a lifelong slavery in north africa. this was some years before the United States Marines appeared and forced the pasha to stop the piracy of American flagged vessels, ransoms for which made up 20-25% of the entire US budget by the time Madison took office...


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