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My first major purchase will be....wait for it.......A HOUSE, lol. I know some of you are like "WTH" lol. I am going to work my ass off that first year or so for a down payment. What are you losers *ahem*, I mean gentlemen... Read More

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    Quote from georgieg
    ok i need some input. pleasse i had orientation to nursing program last week so friday i .do my pee drug test... i am worried because i have a rx for morph from pcp for when i cant stand the pain! i dont take it everyday so my question is will this show up on drug test and even though i have a letter from pcp saying this is one of my meds for emergencies? will they permit me to stay in program?
    As long as you have a legit reason for taking it, a script, and do not work impaired I can't see why there would be a problem. Those are the guidelines used by the TX board of nursing. School may be different, I suggest you be up -front with them and let them know you took "pain medicine" on what date.

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    I'm entering nursing school debt free (I start in a month) so I assume when I'm done I'll be buying my freedom from any loans I might have to take...
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    I cant really say I bought it but I paid my tuition for RN prereqs.. I was going to buy a car, I didn't buy it but I got one(I have awesome parents!!). Also I always wanted a louis vuittion bag. I finally bought it last year on while I was on a much needed vacation. Once I finish RN school I want to buy a home too(I talked my parents out of buying me one last year) !
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    Same here, bro. I'd like a house too. I currently live in a row home right by Johns Hopkins, one of the shadier areas of Baltimore. It'll be nice to have a yard again. I'm from the south originally and Lord knows I miss mowing grass.
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    a drink!
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    I love how we are making it seem like becoming a nurse is the equivalent of being picked for a sports team with a million dollar sign-on bonus.
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    After you become a nurse and work hard, you can treat yourself.
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    Quote from Brian Ruff, CNA
    I love how we are making it seem like becoming a nurse is the equivalent of being picked for a sports team with a million dollar sign-on bonus.
    well I have to pay off my six babies mommas that have my 2 kids and that hummer ain't gonna drive itself!

    Just because Crocs hooked me up with a wicked shoe deal, dickies signed me up in their ad campaign, and Littmann leases me new stethoscopes every 3 months don't be hat'n.
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    I plan to pay off my school loans first, but then I would have to make a decision on buying a nicer house or a nicer car....tough one. I'll probably do both ha

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