What is the first thing you are going to buy once you are a nurse? - page 11

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My first major purchase will be....wait for it.......A HOUSE, lol. I know some of you are like "WTH" lol. I am going to work my ass off that first year or so for a down payment. What are you losers *ahem*, I mean gentlemen... Read More

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    Quote from veggie530
    I'm buying a pretty girl in my class a nice dinner.

    Or I'm dining alone. Either way, that food is getting eaten and that girl will have to answer. LOL.
    Aww, that's adorable! Good luck!!
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    Quote from Mike R
    After I passed NCLEX, the first thing that I bought was Subway Haha!
    HAHAHA that's hilarious!
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    i love you hahahaha
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    same here lol
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    new car and new eyes as well lmao

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