1. I'm curious about opinions on this, my teachers are from the old school theory and don't like them on nurses. Anyone else face this bias? How do you overcome this?
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  3. by   Esme12
    We have several threads on this both new and old. Some facilities require them to be covered....some don't care. You will need to abide by facility rules. Use the link for a search on this subject here on AN.

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  4. by   crschreib
    I was worried about this until i started talking to nurses at one of the hospitals and seeing how many of them had tattoos/sleeves. just keep them covered and youre good
  5. by   Murseman2011
    At work I have never covered them although my scrub top does the job very well. My inner bicep one peaks out a little. In school they must be covered. No exceptions.
  6. by   Shutech
    I have a few too. I'd be sure to have them covered but patients never seemed to mind or be offended.
  7. by   Caribbean Character
    I got my tats when I was an over the road truck driver where nobody cares if you have ink but being a professional, I made sure they could be covered by wearing as t-shirt. I have at least one more I plan on getting, a large back tattoo, and none of my fellow students or coworkers will know it is there unless they run into me at the local swimming pool. That is part of being a professional.
  8. by   MedicalPartisan
    The health system I work for requires you to cover them up. Some people have them on their wrists and coban them which, in my opinion, looks more tacky than a tattoo itself. I am not a tattoo advocate but it really shouldn't matter; it's 2014. I have the same opinion when it comes to social networking. It's a shame they monitor those sites so much. If I want to go out and have a good time and post it on Facebook, so be it. I am favored and highly perceived amongst my coworkers and what I do outside of work doesn't have even the slightest impact on my performance. This is the same with tattoos. Sure, there are some tattoos over-the-top, but asking a man to cover the small date of his father's death on his wrist is a ridiculous. Another RN has a ballerina that she must always cover. If it's visible, you must hide it. Hopefully you will not encounter these issues.