scrubs dont fit me well

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    i had to order my scrubs for school, and they dont fit well. i am kind of skinny but also tall with a long medium is too short in the shoulders and large looks like someone draped a curtain on me. i guess ill just wear a large and look like a doof unless someone else has a similar problem and a good solution.

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    Try; they have good brands at great prices. Best of luck =)
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    Landau makes scrubs in ""tall" sizes
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    anyone know an online retailer that sells landau tall sizes or any other scrub brand with tall sizes?
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    Didn't come up with anything with a Google search?

    I've just got to chime in here that I ordered the Landau man pants. They're great. Button closure. Zippered fly. Real pockets. Belt loops. It's not jeans, but it's better than scrub pajama pants.
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    i found a few websites on google when i searched but when u choose sizes there are no "tall" options for any sizes..
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    Forget it, just ordered from if anyone is interested.
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    Also try browsing craigslist for a seamstress - for like $5-7 they'll slim a shirt so it fits your torso better.
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    I dig.

    My big issue was that scrub pants didn't have enough pockets and had no zipper, fly and belt loops. With no belt i had no place for my knife, pager, keys, etc. Also, all the white pants were -really- sheer!!

    During class and clinicals I wore white painters pants and no one noticed.

    Now that I'm working I wear poly/cotton BDU pants in a solid color (gray) and they work perfectly!

    Tops are always small and tight across the chest. They seem to all be sized for women. I wear a mens large and wind up buying XXL to get a decent fit.

    I strongly recommend BDU pants if you can get away with them.
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    I'm 6'4". Cherokee makes a top, their 3 pocket 4876 that is 3 inches longer than their others. It's not classified as a tall, but works great for me, and I love Cherokee scrubs for quality

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