scrubs dont fit me well

  1. i had to order my scrubs for school, and they dont fit well. i am kind of skinny but also tall with a long medium is too short in the shoulders and large looks like someone draped a curtain on me. i guess ill just wear a large and look like a doof unless someone else has a similar problem and a good solution.
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  3. by   mrbojangles255
    Try; they have good brands at great prices. Best of luck =)
  4. by   Dave 48103
    Landau makes scrubs in ""tall" sizes
  5. by   13905 BSN
    anyone know an online retailer that sells landau tall sizes or any other scrub brand with tall sizes?
  6. by   ImThatGuy
    Didn't come up with anything with a Google search?

    I've just got to chime in here that I ordered the Landau man pants. They're great. Button closure. Zippered fly. Real pockets. Belt loops. It's not jeans, but it's better than scrub pajama pants.
  7. by   13905 BSN
    i found a few websites on google when i searched but when u choose sizes there are no "tall" options for any sizes..
  8. by   13905 BSN
    Forget it, just ordered from if anyone is interested.
  9. by   stripec30
    Also try browsing craigslist for a seamstress - for like $5-7 they'll slim a shirt so it fits your torso better.
  10. by   nursewithaunit
    I dig.

    My big issue was that scrub pants didn't have enough pockets and had no zipper, fly and belt loops. With no belt i had no place for my knife, pager, keys, etc. Also, all the white pants were -really- sheer!!

    During class and clinicals I wore white painters pants and no one noticed.

    Now that I'm working I wear poly/cotton BDU pants in a solid color (gray) and they work perfectly!

    Tops are always small and tight across the chest. They seem to all be sized for women. I wear a mens large and wind up buying XXL to get a decent fit.

    I strongly recommend BDU pants if you can get away with them.
  11. by   adnrnstudent
    I'm 6'4". Cherokee makes a top, their 3 pocket 4876 that is 3 inches longer than their others. It's not classified as a tall, but works great for me, and I love Cherokee scrubs for quality
  12. by   MarkE86
    I have an awful time finding scrubs that fit. I am 5'7" and went from 230lbs to 170lbs in 6 months last year. I'm still a bit overweight for my height but I went from a 40"w to a 34"w, so I thought that would make scrubs easier to find...not so.

    When I was heavier I wore IguanaMed MedFlex II scrubs - had to get XL pants and XXL tops. The pants were too long but everything fit pretty decently. When I started losing weight I couldn't wear my Iguanas anymore, but didn't want to spend the money for nice scrubs again until I was at my goal weight (still want to lose another 20 lbs after I finish school). Right now I'm wearing the cheap RxGear scrubs from Work'n'Gear. The S tops fit pretty well, but I have trouble with the pants - the M are comfortable but way too long and baggy; the S are the right length and waist size but are way too tight in the crotch (which makes sitting or bending over a bit awkward in front of

    Once I'm done with school and things settle down I'm gonna work on losing those last 20 lbs - then I can justify buying the more expensive scrubs in the right size.
  13. by   MumblesMahoney
    Okay, so this was a BIG issue for me.

    Of course, in nursing school, we have to wear uniform scrubs. Ours are a standard teal uniform top with white scrub pants and white shoes. This last summer I went to all the local medical supply shops to buy scrubs and was a bit overwhelmed. (Have you noticed how many different shades of "teal" there are?)

    After a considerable hit to my starving student budget, I wound up with some of the most ill-fitting, "unisex" white pants you could ever imagine.

    I don't know about you guys, but I am built like a typical middle aged guy. I got a little bit of a gut and pretty much nothing on the backside. These silly, drawstring pants are made for people with HIPS. Oh, and don't forget, it's only tighty-whities while wearing these things. Those boxer shorts with the hearts on them that you love so much are showing right through. And forget putting anything in the pockets. That just weighed them down more.

    I found myself spending my clinical days walking around the hospital with my binder in one hand and the other holding my pants up! It became enough of an issue that I had to talk to my instructors to work something out.

    It was Sherwin-Williams to the rescue. Down at my local paint supply store I found the perfect solution. They were Dickies Relaxed Fit utility pants. I had to trim the Sherwin-Williams patch off the back pocket, but I think these things saved my sanity. They are sized to fit me both in the waist and the legs. They have BELT LOOPS. I can load up my pockets with anything I need without having to worry about the "saggy britches syndrome." Most importantly, I can wear whatever underwear I want.

    I would encourage anyone, even the ladies, to try these out before spending more money on scrub pants. They are comparable in price, much more sturdy, and just as comfortable.
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  14. by   TheSquire
    Landau makes scrub pants with belt loops and a zippered fly as part of their men's line. I find them wise for catering to the male market, and reward them with my business and my money.

    Also, if those don't work for you, try seeing if you can get EMS pants (which are modified BDUs) in your school uniform's colors.