Reinventing Myself (Career Change from IT to Male Nurse)

  1. I'm seeking feedback on my upcoming nursing pursuit...

    MY BACKGROUND: Male / 46yo currently in a Project Management career in the Information Technology(IT) industry. I just achieved my 28 year milestone in this industry; however, I'm looking to make a change for nursing. In my personal life, I have an affinity towards psychology, counseling/teaching, and helping others. While I'm just getting started in researching the nursing path (I.e., pre-requisites, nursing programs, etc...), I'm leaning towards a 'psychiatric' path. My children are grown and married with their own children, so I have no ties to children/family in my immediate home. I'm recently divorced (amicably).

    MY INTENT: To move out of the IT industry and into a field where I am helping others and giving back to the community. To eagerly serve my time along the way; but, to start with a goal of becoming a Nurse Practitioner or beyond. (I suppose I need to have some goal(s) here so that I'm appropriately focused in my schooling choices, job decisions, etc..)

    Is this too late in my life to start a nursing career?
    Is my age gap in nursing programs going to be an issue? (I presume a majority of attendees are in their twenties starting out their lives/careers)

    I welcome all feedback. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   dhenderson88
    I work with an RN who started nursing school in his late 50's after retiring from Goodyear. He's a great nurse. So no, you're not starting too late. If anything, all that life experience should really help you do well in school.
  4. by   umbdude
    Not too late. Nursing is friendly to mature newcomers. I went to nursing school after 14 years in business and became a nurse at 41. I'm in grad school for psych NP now. How quickly you want to finish is really up to you.
  5. by   DnvrOutdoorsRN
    Do it. Never too late to follow your passion and desire to give back. Second career nurse here, started an accellerated BSN when I was 31.