Recently Accepted into Nursing School! Answer my Questions?

  1. Hey everyone. My name is Joel; I'm 18 years old and a recent high school graduate. I recently took the TEAS V test; I got a 76% on the reading part; 86% on the math part; 54% on the science part; 83% on the English part; and scored 74% national. I didn't study for the test, which I should have, but I took it anyways and did better than I thought I would -considering I never took A&P and took chemistry and biology 9th and 10th grade. I applied to the nursing school I wanted and got accepted. (WHOA!) Now that I'm accepted, I have a few questions to ask.

    1. I have my lips pierced (snake bites), my ears stretched to inch, and a 2nd hole piercing on one of my ears. I can easily take off the 2nd hole piercing and remove my snake bites during class but I guess my question is, should I take out my earrings and let my ears close? Do you think my professors will care that my ears are stretched?

    2. I have two part-time jobs - I'm an accountant and development intern at a non-profit organization (going on 2 years) and I'm also a computer lab assistant. Will it be possible to go to nursing school full time, do well in school, and keep both my part-time jobs? (Of course I'll leave them if it ever becomes too much)

    3. There's a high possibility that I'll be the youngest and maybe only male nursing student in my main nursing classes. Any advice?

    4. Two of the classes I have to take next semester are A&P I and Pharmacology. Is there anything I can/should do in order to prepare myself for these classes? Any books/flash cards you recommend?

    5. STUDY TIPS PLEASE!!!!! (I'm a visual/auditory learner)
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  3. by   Gradius
    1. Read the thread "Male Student Dillemma" currently on this Male Nursing Student thread and see what people have written. I read what you wrote in your #1 and think "good god that is such a teenage thing to do." I'm not trying to be harsh but you have to look at this objectively: a) Yes, society judges based on appearance. Do you want to make a good impression or a negative one? Your current appearance WILL give you the latter, especially in a professional environment like Nursing school. b) Do you really think you're going to have that stuff in you when you're 36, let alone working in a hospital beforehand? Be a grown up and get rid of that stuff now.

    2. Keep the jobs? You can, but your grades may suffer.

    3. Can't do anything about your age but as for being the only male, how is that a problem being surrounded by girls?
    If you're straight then that should be obvious. Just socialize but do NOT make moves on them. Let them do it to you if that happens. If you're gay and let them know it then if you're lucky they may come to think of you as "one of the girls" in and of itself.

    4. CliffsNotes Anatomy and Physiology Quick Review (Cliffsnotes Quick Review): Steven Bassett: 9780470878743: Books
    <--currently reading this as an A&P refresher prior to taking TEAS in December. I like it, it's real quick and to the point. No fluff.
    But, how did you get accepted to Nursing school without A&P taken already? Tell me that, please.

    5. Can't give you any, my applications will resume once I take the TEAS in December.

    Nonetheless, good luck.
  4. by   joel.mercado
    Thanks a lot! I'ma take your advice and remove all my piercings, it's time for me to grow up and get rid of them. I guess I should probably let my jobs know ahead of time that I might have to cut back hours/leave if it becomes too much. Also, I'm straight so yeah, I guess it won't be a bad thing.

    And to answer your question about how I got accepted to Nursing school without taking A&P yet, I took this straight off my nursing school's website.

    3.) Do I have to take pre-requisites before being accepted to the School of Nursing?

    The term "pre-requisite" is not the same as the term "admission requirements." Pre-requisite courses are courses that must be completed before progressing to the next course. The pre-requisite courses listed in our curriculum are part of the nursing program. They are not admission requirements. Therefore, you do not have to complete them prior to applying for admission. The Nursing program consists of two parts: the general education courses (pre-requisites and co-requisites to the nursing clinical courses), which include science and liberal arts courses, and the nursing courses (clinical). While advanced standing can be awarded, courses are not pre-requisites for acceptance.

    So basically, my first my first semester of nursing school will consist of the following classes (according to their website and what I've been told by my counselor):
    1. A&P I
    2. Chemistry-Health Science
    3. Mathematics for Pharmacology
    4. Introduction to Nursing Concepts
  5. by   Kandy83
    is it lvn or rn.. and what is that name of this school.. it must not have a lot of applicants.
  6. by   old_dude
    Quote from f8dagrate
    is it lvn or rn.. and what is that name of this school.. it must not have a lot of applicants.
    That is what I was thinking. My schools policy "says" pretty much the same thing, but I applied the semester I was taking a and p 1 and NO ONE in my a/p class was accepted. I figured that the pannel weighed a/p and the other pre-reqs hevily. So I applied again after finishing a/p 1 and 2 and microbiology. Got my acceptance letter yesterday. I am stoked!
    And at least one other student in that first a/p class was rejected before finishing a/p and accepted after finishing.
  7. by   joel.mercado
    It's an RN program and the school is called, "JFK Muhlenberg Harold B. and Dorothy A. Snyder School of Nursing". And congratulations on getting accepted into Nursing School, good luck to you!